My Purple Lipstick and Lipgloss Collection

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ever since I coloured my hair purple (yeah for purple hair), I've been wearing more purple. It seems to naturally look good on me, and now it just happens to play up the purple on my hair, so why the not?
Since purple and lavender shades look just about good on every skin tone, I thought I would share with you some of the purple lip items I've been loving and show off some of my lipstick collection. 

I am going to show you the tube/sticks and then swatches below.  If there happens to be a blog review about any colour already on here, I will make the name of the shade link to it.

Left to right in both photos: 
Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage (cream), Stila Gemma (colour lip balm stick), Bite Barberry (matte creme), Bite Mauvember (luminous creme), Buxom Swinger (cream), Cover Girl Vixen Violet (long lasting cream-gel), Maybelline Violet Vixen (opaque cream)
Left to right for both photos, all are from Mac:
heroine (matte), plumful (luster), Evening Rendezvous (matte), Plum Princess (matte), Rebel (satin).
Cubbie Sticks:
Left to right in both photos:
Bite Aubergine (matte creme) Wet n Wild LieLac (matte), Revlon Darling (gloss stain), Revlon Shameless (matte balm)
Glosses and Stains:
left to right for both photos:
Stila Fuchsia Vinyl (long lasting gloss), Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage (long wear liquid lipstick), L'oreal Berry Persistent (stain gloss), Wet n Wild That's My Jam (gloss), Buxom Pucker Up (gloss), Hard Candy Wisteria (matte gloss), Revlon Parisian (stain), NYX Sugar Cookie (gloss), Urban Decay Bittersweet (gloss), Almay Just Plum (gloss).
So there you have it, my purple lipstick and gloss collection.  Some of these items have been discontinued or were limited edition, but it is still a great look at how one colour can vary so much.

Do you have any favourite purple items in your collection?

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