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It is that time again, where I talk about what is new with Mary Kay. They seem to have pulled out all the stops this fall with not only a beautiful limited edition collection (Runway Bold) as well as some new skin care and 8 new lipsticks.

Glowing Finish, $14 each or $25 for both (Limited Edition)
With fall just around the corner, it is fair to think that we all think the sunshine and summer glow times are in the past. Glowing Finish is here to keep those summer days and glowing skin going all fall long. While this might not be part of their fall launch (it is technically part of their late summer limited collection) it really makes transitioning into the fall a lot easier.
They are little chubby highlight sticks that come in both Bronze and Gold. A quick sweep and blend on you cheeks and/or cheekbones illuminates your skin while giving a hint of colour that keeps those warm weather vibes going in just the right way. I love both the shades and how they just give me the right amount of glow and colour when I am doing a quick and easy look. I love to just swipe them on my cheeks, blend with my fingers and go.

Gel Eye Liner in Dramatic Gold, $20 (Limited Edition)
This liner features two shades inside it as well as its own brush hidden within the handle, making it a great liner to travel with. Just pop the handle off the top and flip it around and put it back in the top and you've got your very own liner brush. Inside there are two gel liners, Gold and Dark Bronze.

 Nail Lacquer, $10 each (Limited Edition)
One of those things about fall is that the colours start to get a bit darker, a bit more metallic and in my opinion more classy. Mary Kay is on point with their new shades for fall, Blue Debut (navy blue), Rosy Encore (rose gold) and Gold is Bold (light gold). I am loving Blue Debut, a deep and dark blue that I cannot wait to start to wear.

Rock The Runway - Eye Colour Palette, $26
This palette is bold and very fall (if you ask me). It features gold, bronze, silver,  sapphire blue and blue-black shades (it is really a black with blue shimmer in it). Most of these shades are metallic and very bold (it's a good thing the collection is called Runway Bold), very rich and very smooth and bendable. That being said there are some not as hot colours in the bunch that aren't as smooth or pigmented.
I found the gold, bronze and silver shades to be super pigmented, rich and smooth when applying. The blue, not so much; the black, not really at all. That being said I really, really love the metallic shades (really love them), the black wouldn't be getting slathered all over my eyes anyway,  just mainly just used as a liner, so it not being creamy isn't a deal breaker and blue isn't my go to shade any way so I feel no loss there. All of these shades are shimmery (except the gold and silver, they are just pure metallic heaven) so they probably work best with some other eyeshadows for everyday looks.

When it is all said and done, $26 isn't a bad price for this palette that is on trend for this fall with so many nice metallic shades.

Semi-Matte Lipstick, $16 each 

There are 8 shades in the new Semi-Matte range of lipsticks. If you like nudes, roses, pinks, bolds, there is probably a shade that will suite you, they made it pretty versatile.
The finish is that of a matte but not as thick or dense as what you might think of when you think matte lipstick (hence the semi part of the name). It definitely isn't the matte lipstick of the 90's that you might be thinking of. With Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Esters the formula wont dry out your lips like other mattes will.
The packaging is sleek and super pretty, just black with a little design on the lid. The best part is the top has a clear window so you can see the shades inside.

TimeWise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel, $70

This is the latest addition to the TimeWise line, with glycolic acid to exfoliate,  botanical extracts to calm the skin and marine extracts to help hydrate.
Smoother, brighter and brighter skin are just some of the things this mask can do for your skin, so what isn't to love about that?

I've only used it a week now but have noticed a big change. I love glycolic acid and all that it can do for skin. I have been suffering with hyper-pigmentation and some strange texture recently, I have seen a bit of an improvement already and have high hopes with long term use.
So there you go, some new goodies from Mary Kay. You can always find out more about the products over at or though your local Mary Kay consultant.

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