About Me

Hi and welcome to my own little online part of the world, Beauty Vixen (or BeautyVixen.ca).

How did you get started in blogging and why?
I started blogging in the fall of 2009 on a whim. I had completed Special Effect Makeup Artistry at Seneca College a while back and still had a passion for makeup and beauty, but not for being a makeup artist. As I pondered what I should do, I kept on purchasing more and more products. Thus one day I said to myself 'self, I'm starting a blog, you can't do anything about it, no one can.' and that is how I started my very own blog.

What happened to Batting a Lash?
From 2009-2015 my blog was known as Batting a Lash with the url jillojello.com. This over time became a  bit cumbersome. My url and name didn't match, my social media didn't match the name,  Bat a Lash had become a popular beauty blog also from Canada, and heck there was even a band Bat For Lashes. So I said forget this, I've evolved, so should my blog, time for a new name.

Why Beauty Vixen?
I love foxes, I really do (it's my hubbies last name, and my new hyphened assumed name). I wanted to incorporate that love somehow into the blog. Most people don't thing vixen=female fox, but I do. Just to be safe though I threw a flying fox into my logo.

Tell us something about you, Jill!
A lot has changed since 2009 when I started this blog, but I will try to give you  a fill in of who I am and what is going on with my life.
I'm a 30-something living in Toronto, Ontario, who loves pets, makeup, food and art. I currently live with my hubby (Mr. Fox) and our cat Sterling. I'm an aunt four times over now (for now, it seems to keep on growing). I graduated from Special Effect Makeup Artistry at Seneca College  with high honours, making me a trained makeup artist, but I choose not to practice makeup on others unless I truly love the person (sisters, friends, family, etc.).

Where can I find you online?
Bellow are my social media contact information as well as my email address.

The Blog - BeautyVixen.ca
Email - BeautyVixenCa@yahoo.ca
Facebook - BeautyVix
Twitter - BeautyVixenCa
Instagram - BeautyVixenCa
Pinterest - BeautyVixenCa