May 2024 Recap

By Sunday, June 02, 2024 , ,

May feels like it finished before it ever began. I feel like this summer is going to fly by.

Here is a look at what my May looked like:

Summer Classes: 

My summer classes have started. I am hopefully going to just as great this time around. They are still 100% online without actual classes. It is all self taught.

Door Open Toronto:

Doors Open is a fun weekend where places that aren't normally open to the public can be toured by the public. In 2019 we did a 1910s school house near us. This year we went to the The Ismaili Centre and the Aga Khan Museum, and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. 

Both were really interesting. The JCCC had demos and explanations of many activities they do there, as well as a history museum and an art exhibit.

The Aga Khan had free tours and viewing of their gallery as well all their theatre. There were quite a few pop-up art events going on too, such as musicians.

 We had previously done the museum and done tours there, so we mainly sat and had coffee and looked around before heading to the Ismaili Centre.

There they told us about the building, the history of the Ismaili Centre in Canada, let us see the prayer room and facilities. We couldn't take photos, but it was gorgeous.


May brings gardening season. We went to our favourite nursery and got tomatoes, herbs, celery, Boston lettuce, iceberg lettuce and Swiss chard. I'm very excited for my garden this summer.

Royal Botanical Gardens -LILACS!!!:
Burlington and Hamilton have the Royal Botanical Gardens. Their Lilac selection is one of the worlds largest and most diverse. My aunt and headed out there during peak lilac bloom-age and walked around. It was fantastic! I love lilacs and getting to see so many, lush, large, blooming, beautiful shrubs was amazing. So many colours, so many scents. 

Speaking of Flowers:
I took a lot of photos of my property and its blooms in April and May. Our townhouse property just has so many large older trees that bloom. Mainly pink and red crab apple tress but also other flowers I am less familiar with. I just took so many photos.