Neutral November: the ULTA Too Faced Sugar and Spice Palette Swatches and Review

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We’ve combined everything nice into a festive and exclusive set just for ULTA. This Christmas collection features an assortment of 12 eye shadows that allow limitless day-to-night looks to get you ready for any holiday event. Take it everywhere in our exclusive gold glitter bag that can be used as a festive clutch.
On my recent trip across the boarder I picked up this pretty set at Ulta. I wasn't sure if I needed it before I got there, but once I saw it and the $39 price tag I was sold.

The set comes with 12 eye shadows, a glittery bag and a mini Better Than Sex Mascara.
Now that I've had some time to try it out I figured I should give it a good review.
First off I love the mascara (does it live up to its no, that would just be nonsense). I love the hourglass shape. It reminds me of an Avon mineral mascara I loved but is no longer made.
Now on to the palette. 
The bag is cute but annoying as all hell. I just can't get the palette in and out of it with ease. I am just going to use it for other things. If I ever do choose to travel with the set I won't be using it to hold the palette.
The shadows themselves are almost all amazing. The black Black Liquorice shade is a bit chalk and blends poorly. I also feel Meringue is a little chalky, but not quite as bad. Plus Meringue would mainly be used as below the brow shade, so it isn't like blending is that big of a deal for it.

Sugared violet is the only glittery shade, which adds a bit of variety without there bing tons of glitter added to the palette.

Below is a break down of the colours:
  • Nutmeg, Champagne Truffle and Pink Frosting are my favourite shades for sure.
  • Coconut Cream - A matte light almost white colour
  • Nutmeg - a light golden brown with a  frosted finish
  • Biscotti - brown / bronze with a slightly metallic finish
  • Sugared Violet - an almost black purple with a satin finish and sparkles lightly thoughout
  • Champagne Truffle - a golden beige with a frosted finish
  • Pink Frosting - light pink with a light metallic finish
  • Cinnamon sugar - golden bronze that is metallic finish
  • Chocolate Cake - a  matte dark brown 
  • Meringue - a matte light creamy-pink 
  • Clove - a matte taupe with a bit of purple 
  • Bon Bon -a lilac that is frosted
  • Black Liquorice - a matte black
  • Good price ($39.00 USA)
  • Great selection of neutral/nude shades 
  • Not too many glittery colours but a good selection of metallics and mattes
  • Great for travel
  • Good quality overall
  • Only available in the USA in Ulta
  • The black shade kind of sucks
  • Some of the shades look alike

I really am glad I grabbed this. If you get the chance I highly recommend it. It seems perfect for the holidays and is great value. I really appreciate that there is a few matte shades thrown in and while the black sucks it really is just a black, I wouldn't use it too much anyways.
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