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by - Friday, October 31, 2014

A few weeks back I was invited by Clairol to Hair On The Avenue to change up my hair, just a bit, for fall. The whole idea is to Shift A Shade for the fall, liven it up, deepen it up, do whatever is right for your hair by just changing it a bit for the season. I jumped at the chance to go since I am constantly updating my hair colour.

I met with Luis Pacheco who not only is a founder of Hair on The Avenue but also a consulting colourist and spokesperson for Clairol. We talked about my hairs history, what do with it currently and what he recommended we do with it. 

He chose a fantastic Nice 'n Easy Auburn shade for me, which was quite the change from my dull lifeless (and frankly brassy) brown and faded mahogany shade I had going on.
the one on the right is what was used on my hair
After the colouring was done, I got my hair dried and some very makeup touch ups done with Cover Girl products to go with my new shade. Yet, I still hadn't seen the finished product on my hair, I was getting anxious.

Well here goes.... my not so fantastic before photo and my much better after photo.
I was so happy with the change. I never ever thought of doing auburn hair. Seriously, in 20+ years of dying my hair mainly red, I never once reached for auburn.  I always associated auburn with my mothers hair colour and steered myself to mahoganies and red-browns instead. It is amazing what such a small shift in the tone of your colour can do to make such a change. I feel this is just the perfect colour to change things up for the fall.

Thanks to Clairol, P&G and MSL Group for the fantastic day and the new fall hair colour. I am just smitten with it.

Oh and here are a few more pics I took that day....Very happy indeed. 
 Oh and here is a $2 off coupon for Clairol Nice N Easy!
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