5 Things I am Loving Right Now - Spring 2024

by - Thursday, June 27, 2024

Summer officially started last week, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what I have really enjoyed using this past season. It has been a long time since I did one of these, but they always inspire me to write a little and to me that is a good thing.

1. Kiehl's Since 1851 Beyond Screen UV Serum SPF 50 

I got this for free from Topbox in exchange for a review, and I loved it. It is a combo of serum and sunscreen that works incredibly well on my skin.

It is light in texture, absorbs quickly and is loaded with collagen peptides. It is basically skincare I really enjoy using that happens to have spf 50 in it.

I am also very much loving Belif Aqua Bomb Broad Spectrum SPF 50, which I did a full review on here. I am pretty much loving the skincare with lots of SPF trend.

2. Dove Glow Recharge Body Wash 

This is Dove's latest body wash, it has a brightening serum with vitamin C and exfoliating minerals in it, as well as a light tropical berry scent.

I have been using it since March and really enjoy how it lightly exfoliates my skin everytime I wash without being harsh or drying. It makes my skin look more even in both texture and colour while getting me nice and clean (pool season just started so I am really going to be using it a lot now).

3. YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Stick 

I got two of these from Butterly to try out, oh my gosh these are the best. Imagine a lipstick and a lip oil had a baby in stick format. They feel slick and slippery, smell like watermelon and give a kick of colour to your lips. So in love.
I love how they feel, I love the look, I want them all. I have been carrying one around in my purse all spring and I just can't get enough. Tip, Shopper Drug Mart, The Bay and Holt Renfrew all sell it for $5 less than Sephora. They also may still be listing it as YSL Loveshine Hydrating Lipstick on their sites, it is the same product.

I have been using this one for a long time now, and this past spring it has gotten lots of rotation at night. I really like how light it feels but also how heavily hydrating without actually being heavy.

If you like Belif's creams, you are going to like this one.

5. The Face Shop JEJU Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel 

My skin has always reacted well to aloe, and I have always had aloe growing in my homes. I remember being a 4 year old and getting my face bit by a dog and having my parents treat it with a fresh chunk of aloe from a plant. I just repotted mine and have 44 new plants growing in my home.

This time of year I find myself reaching for aloe vera a bit more often as I get more exposure to the sun and I find my skin gets drier from swimming. I struggle sometimes to find a good pure aloe vera gel, lucky I found this one from The Face Shop. 

It is 95% aloe vera, it absorbs almost instantly without any stickiness or residue. I can even use it with my microcurrent devices, which I love. Best of all, it is massive at 300 ml.

Ok so that is it, what I am loving right now. I am sure it will change a bit now that summer has started, but these were the things I love the most the last few months.
* some products were sent for review purposes with no obligation to post about here. The views and opinions are my own and honest. Some links may be affiliate links and I may or may not end up getting a small commision from them. Thank you for supporting my blog, I appreciate it.

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