L'oreal Preference Mousse Absolue 654 Sensational Auburn Review

by - Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revolutionary! Mousse Absolue is the first ready-to-use and reusable haircolour that offers multiple applications, ideal for root touch-ups or a second full application. -lorealparis.ca
I've used this hair dye twice now, once in mid November and once this past week. I must say I really like the results as well as the unique product.

So first off what is it? It is a dual chamber hair colour in an arise form that mixes then released. What does that mean? No mixing and you only use what you need, saving the rest for another time.
So I followed the easy instructions (swap the cap and shake a bunch) then applied the mousse. It really came out like a hair mousse. It asked me to pay special attention to the hair line (and I did). I ended up using the whole can since it had been quite a while since I last coloured my hair.
so here are the results.

The key things I'm looking for:
  • The colour it said it was 
  • Even colour
  • Even
  • No grays
  • Works really well
  • No mixing
  • Relatively mess free
  • Two sets of black gloves
  • Can keep extra dye for touch ups or roots
  • Only use what you need
  • Tube of conditioner
  • The fumes got to me at one point, but my washroom has no ventilation, so it might not be the product
I really liked not only the product but the concept. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to buy two bottles of colouring and only use 1/4 of the second one. What a waist. Not with this, it only mixes when it comes out and you only use what you need, reserving the rest for later.

As for the coverage, no grays left behind and really even colour. I really like the results.

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