Muji is Coming to Toronto...Here is My Wishlist

by - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You may have heard that Muji is coming to Canada. In fact it opens next month in downtown Toronto.  I am incredibly excited about this as I already have a muji acrylic system and love it. I want more though and knowing there is going to be a store here soon is I'm planning my list already.

First off...what I have:
I have  6 drawer acrylic eyeglass holder that I use for pencils and brow products as well as eye primers. It works great and I love it but I want the 4 drawer unit or another one so I can keep my mascaras and my lip liners in it too.
The 5 drawer unit and the 2 drawer unit with hinged top are also items I have. The two drawer is a must if you have Mac Paint Pots/Fluidlines.
While the system works great I do plan on getting another 5 drawer unit just so I can keep more of my everyday items in it.
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Moving on to some other items.
I want to get whatever sizes I need of the PP Boxes to create what you see below. I don't know what sizes they are at all...but I want a set up like this.
I think I need a tall divided one for many of my brushes....I think they might finally have a real home out side Dollarama vases with bead filling in them.
Additionally I want what is on the left, whatever they are so I can keep my skin care and the makeup I need for the day in a place other than an old Glossybox.
I'm very excite to see them in person so I can figure out exactly what I need.
I'm not sure if I really want these or not, but they look so  cute....toothbrush holders.
Randomness for my kitchen...these divided porcelain plates. I have no clue what size would be best for my life, but I want them.
Finally some more random selections.
I always spill my drinks, so a coster with a lip might help.
Cotton pads for your eyes so you can make your own eye masks...yes please.
A cute little tea pot. They have many tea pots but this one is so cute. Did I ever tell you I have a tea pot collection? People just kept on buying me them or sending them to I have a big collection.
Travel refill set. This helps you fill all your travel bottles.
Cat shaped post-it notes....who doesn't need that?
Checklist stamper...makes any paper into a checklist.
Ok so those are all the Muji things I am currently craving. I cannot wait to shop a real store and just see what neat things they have.
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