May and June 2014 Empties

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Here comes another big empties post.

A bunch of shadows crushed in my palette. It mainly consisted of Wet N Wild shadows. I really liked a few of them but I could only rebut spoiled brat. It seems the availability of the palettes has decreased significantly since I bought them. Most stores only have a few to choose from.  The other shadows were pressed TKB Trading pigments and Lancome GWP shadows I deported. Nothing I was too eager to replace.
 Vasanti Eye Wonder I got this a long long time ago, I like it and use it but not enough to hold on to it any longer. Would I buy it again? Maybe, it was good and quite large.
M Asam Magic Finish I got this in a glymm box so long ago. I still have a bit left but will never use it up. Would I buy it again? NO, although it is ok, it really has a potent smell and just not for me.
Olay PROx Eye Restoration Complex This I got long ago as well, in a Lux Box. Time to say goodbye Would I buy it again? Doubtful. I never found it to be that amazing of an eye cream. I did like it and a little went a long way, but I think it just wasn't for me.
Mark Calming Effect This is a milk cleanser that work well. Sadly I just don't love milk cleansers and it just never made its way onto my daily use list. Would I buy it again?  No, it seems like Mark no longer has skin care products.
Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo I got this last month and it clogged after two uses. Seriously, two  uses. This is crap. I tried everything to fix it but no luck. Sadly the more I read reviews, the more I see this is just how HE dry smapoos are, they clog after two uses. WTF? Would I buy it again? NO! I am tossing a perfectly good product due to manufacturing issues. I'm not pleased.
Andrea Eye Makeup Remover Pads I did not like these at all. SCRATCHY! ick. Would I buy it again? No, I much prefer the Annabelle or Almay ones.
L'oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Day/Night Cream  I love this cream. I used it all up. That never happens to me. It hydrated just right and was the right texture for me. Loved it Would I buy it again? YES, Love it.
Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco I finally used it up! I feel like it too a long time to use such a small bottle of hair oil up, but I finally did. It wasn't too heavy or to fragranced, it was actually really nice Would I buy it again? Probably not, I really love the L'oreal Precious Oils Treatment but this comes a close second.
Life Brand SunThera3 Aloe After Sun Cleansing Wipes I got these last summer because I thought they would be great with my sun hives issues for stopping, well the hives. Sadly when I opened them they were dry. I got two packs and well they were both dry. Thanks a lot Life Brand, waisting my money and getting my hopes up Would I buy it again? Hell no!
Onyx Proffesional 100% Pure Acetone The basic acetone you get at walmart. I think they just canted the brand name now. Would I buy it again? Yes, I like pure acetone for nail polish remover, so if it is cheap I will buy it
Vaseline Spray and Go in Cocoa Radiant Not too much to say about this one, but I used up a body moisturizer…woot woot.  No, I didn't like it enough to justify its price. I am glad I tried it though.
Makeup Forever Mist and Fix This is the sec one one of these I've ever finished by MUFE. It makes for a every good fixer. I like it better than Mac Fix+, even the sprayer better. Would I buy it again? Yes, I am currently finishing some Ben Nye Final Seal and a Mac Charged Water, but once I am done I will most likely buy it again.
Rimmel Green Liner This is old. I won't like ….OLD! I kept it because I liked it so much and couldn't find another quite like it. I have now, so I am tossing it finally. Would I buy it again?  No, it is no longer made, or I would have years ago.
Lise Waiter and Hard Candy Lip Pencils I go these a long time ago and never liked their consistency or feel. Plus the colours looked bad on me Would I buy it again?  Nope.
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains These are old as well….seems to be the theme. I loved these, they were some of the best stains I've ever tried. Sadly they were limited editions, and now old. Would I buy it again? YES ! If they existed I would in a second.
Marcelle BB Cream to Powder I got this in a Marcelle BB kit I bought a while back. It reminds me of Benefit SomekindofGorgous. Would I buy it again? YES! I bought a full sized a few months back and am loving it.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder  This is a tiny version of the powder. The lid broke, but I still used it up Would I buy it again?  Yes, I have another one on the go right now, but I really like it.
Vasanti Liquid Foundation in V1 I got this so long ago and thought I tossed it. I really love it. It is a great concealer/foundation. I love it with BB creams to give a bit more coverage. Would I buy it again? YES!
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Scrub I love this scrub. It has lots of gritty bits in it and is in a tube. Oh and I just generally love Satsuma Would I buy it again?  YES!
Bath and Body Works White Citrus Body Scrub This scrub is almost sugar like, it dissolves quickly when in the shower. It smells amazing and has a nice lather Would I buy it again? No, I peter my scrubs to have more grit to them, like seeds or nuts in them.
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter I used this one up quickly, even thought it is small , I am impressed with how fast I used it up. Would I buy it again? Yes! I have tons though so it will be a while.
NeoStrata All-in-one Multi-Vitamin Complex these capsule are amazing. If my skin is remotely irritated it really does the trick to calm it. It always feels smooth and soft after using it. Would I buy it again? Yes, I have another one I am using right now.
Avon Advance Techniques Straightening Balm  This protects your hair from heat and helps you get straight hair, but I never used it. So it is time to toss it Would I buy it again? No, I never used it, it was good and I have no beef with it…but if I don't use it I wouldn't rebut it.
Crabtree and Evelyn Body Lotion I got this last year in Boston at a Double Tree Hotel. I kept it in my purse and liked it ok. Would I buy it again? No, but I do have more in my stash.
Color Brilliance Pre Color Treatment This spray helps fix porosity in hair before you colour it. Essentally if you hair just bleeds colour and won't hold it this is the product for you. I got it at sallys and it has lasted me 3+ uses. I passed it along to a friend who was trying recolour her hair after two years of ombre ends. Would I buy it again? YES!!! This is a must have to the at home hair colourer. If you go from light to dark or ever use a bleach to get rid of something you didn't like this will really help you keep your new hair shade in place. I wish I found it years ago.
 Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural I finished it!!! This is amazing. It took me forever to kill this baby off. This is the second one I've finished, but it still took forever. Would I buy it again?  Not sure, mineral products don't do the best with my dry skin...but I still used it up and repurchased it last time. Time will tell.
 NYX Jumbo Pencils I never, ever use these. They are nice, I've got bold and not so bold colours, but I never ever use them. Some of the lids have crack. It is just time to say goodbye. Would I buy it again? No, I really never use them, and they are nice, but I like Annabelles or Makeup Forever or even Essence jumbo style pencils more.
So that is it. My gigantic empties post.  I managed to do a lot of cleaning out this time around....and I am glad I did. No point in keeping stuff you don't like around.