Recent Haul - June 2014

By Monday, June 30, 2014 , , , , , , , , , ,

Time for yet another haul.
Essentially I couldn't help but go a little nuts at Shoppers Drug Mart in the last few weeks.

First off I got some Essence goodies. 

I guess there is yet another Essence limited edition collection out, Cookies and Cream. I grab a blush (Cakepop, That's Top!) and a matte jumbo eyeshadow pencil (Last Night a Cookie Saved My Life). I also grab one of their regular lines eyeshadow pencil (Cute Copper).
Top: Cute Copper, Middle: Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life, Bottom: Cakepop, That's Top!
 Next up is some Annabelle. Shoppers had a bonus points thing on with their new InstaGlam products. I really wanted the purple mascara/liner duo  (called Psychedelic) and the Brow Design + Fix in Medium/Dark.

Brow Design + Fix - Design side

Brow Design + Fix - Fix side 
Liner + Mascara - Liner side (its black) 
Liner + Mascara - Mascara side (its purple)
Finally, I caved. I got the Urban Decay Electric Palette
So there it is, my latest haul. I like everything I got so far.