Sheer Lipstick Collection

By Sunday, June 13, 2010 , ,

I love sheer lipsticks, they probably are the ones I use on myself the most. Years ago I feel in love with Rimmel's Sheer Temptation Lipstick in Foxy and quickly became my most used lipstick. It is very similar to Clinique's famous Black Honey Almost Lipstick. Unfortunately Rimmel discounted the whole line of sheer lipsticks. Ever since I have been on a never ending quest to replace it (I just can't get the colour quite right). This had led me to quite a collection of similar sheer lipsticks.

Sheer Lipsticks brands that I have:

-Mac Slimshines - These small slim tubes were great, I had both Think Tan and Mousse (but then lost it). They are now discontinued.

-Annabelle Le Gloss Stick - These babies look strikengly similar to Mac's Slimshine tubes. Available in many colours I think they are slightly better than the Mac Version. I have four and they are all shimmer free. I have 701 (can't remember the name and it isn't on the tube), 710 - Figgy, 709 - Pink Provocateur and Girlesque (no number on the stick).

-Vasanti Tinted Lipbalms - These pretty babies Look like normal lipsticks and pack a nice glossy tint to them. They are supposed to have all the benifits of lip-balm with some sheer colour. I just got Colombia and Grenada, I will review them in a little while.

When looking at sheer lipsticks remember the colour will look really strong in the tube but wont go on that strong.