Looking Back at 2015 - Best and Worst of the Year

by - Monday, January 04, 2016

2015 is no in the past, but that doesn't stop me from looking back at a truly life changing year for me. It wasn't what I hoped it would be, but was more what I knew it would be. I am glad I am closing this chapter in my life and have been moving forward with lots of hope and new goals.

All that being said, I wanted to thank you all for being there with me along the ride, supporting me when my father died, when I took a hiatus to be there for him and for my own recovery. I hope that in this new year I can move forward and get back to a routine that allows me to blog more regularly and better than ever.

Thank you all.

Now, on to my favourites of 2015 and some much hated items of 2015.
I'm going to list a few favourites here, but if you want a fuller list, check out the video bellow.
Annabelle Lipsies:
Oh how I love these babies. They are an adorable stick of scented and flavoured lip balms that deliver a bit of tint. They feel silky smooth and hydrate really well. I love the Lychee's smell and taste, it is just like a Lychee! I am shocked every time I apply it that it is so exactly like a real lychee. It also delivers a hint of brown to my lips which looks great. I also love Cherry. It is a very Cherry Lifesaver kind of smell and flavour, which is fun and great. But it also is red, so over a lip stain it can actually replace my lipstick. Which to be honest, if fantastic when your lips are dry.

L'oreal Infalible Pro-Lash Lip Colour:
I have two of these long lasting lipsticks and really want to get more. I love them. The colour part is applied with a doe-foot applicator, followed by a balm in a stick format. I can say that while the colour dries it feels awful, tacky and just so dry. But here is the kicker, once it dries and you apply the balm, your lips feel fantastic, and stay that way all day, even after the balm wears off. So just wait that 60 seconds for the colour to dry and you'll feel better after the balm. Why I am really loving it? It lasts and lasts all day. It also feels great on my lips while I wear it all day. It also doesn't come off on my cups or husband, so it really is a great long lasting lip product.

ELF Lash Tint Mascara:
I love this brush. That is really the draw for me. I sometime think I love an Elf mascara only to have it quickly dry up on me, lucky this baby didn't. But the real thing I love is the tiny brush for tightening. Oh it is fantastic. If you use it on its own it is a very natural effect mascara, but I like it for the roots and tightlining my lashes before a more fuller formula mascara. Regardless I love it.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops:
I got these because everyone wouldn't shut up about them this summer. To be honest, everyone was right, they are everything you've heard and more. I run neutral with a slight pink undertone, so most foundations run either pink or yellow, leaving me to buy two foundations and mix to make my own town. These babies fix that forever. I just buy the closest one to my tone and can adjust to my perfect skin tone. I got P20 and N10 so that I can mix and make my own tone in any lotion or primer but also adjust foundations, BB, CC creams. AS well I can now boost a BB to a full coverage, I can take a medium or light coverage foundation and boost it to full if I need it to The options are endless.

Guerlain Meteorites:
Earlier this year I attended an event at the Bloor street Guerlain store, where I learned all about the iconic Meteorites. I quickly ran out and bought one, followed by the holiday collections Flacons Enchantes. These are a big splurge for me, but well worth it. I learned at the event that these adorable spheres of scented shimmer are hand made and packaged which only a handful of people in the world know the formulation for. A luxury I have been loving this past year.

Now for what I hated in 2015:
Hard Candy Lash Ink:
Years ago I feel in love with Revlon Lash Tint, a 3 day lash tinting product that wasn't really a mascara, but it made my lashes dark and never smeared, flaked or ran at work, so I loved it. It was discontinued years ago and I never found anything quite like it. Then I saw Hard Candy's Lash Ink and thought it might be the same.It is a stain that last for up to 4 days. It is so wet that applying it is almost impossible because the brush just has short stubs on it. If it had a regular brush it might be ok, but it doesn't. In addition to this you end up with really one big clump of lashes that you then have to spend forever separating. So if you can get it to look half decent, it never really sets, it just stays wet, so it smears, and clumps up again. Plus if a mascara never sets and smears, then it stays tacky, and it moves, so hair at my work sticks to it, leading me to be unhappy. And if it smears, it really kind of runs, because heck if I rub my eye and it ends up on my face, thats not good.  Ok rant over...sorry.
Just go get Estee Lauder's Little Black Primer, its better.

Younique Mascara:
Ok, I know I'll get yelled at for this one. I got this in a swag bag, I know it costs $35, I know people love it (or sales reps I should say), but no, no, no, no! It is bad. I have tried fibre mascaras before, I like them ok, but I am not in love with them. Taking that concept and amping it up to a level that is insane isn't going to make the concept any better. The amount of fibres on the wand isn't even reasonable, it is just too much (for me at least). You end up with spider lashes not long full lashes. Even if you try to use it in moderation, it just looks silly, and really isn't worth the hassle. If you want a nice looking fibre lash kit look at Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes Extreme! It is a better choice.

Ok there you go some favs and dislike for the year, anything you loved or hated this past year?

Once again thanks for sticking 2015 out with me, lots of love.

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