Avon Glazewear Summer Sheers Lip Gloss Review

By Thursday, June 10, 2010 ,

I've only heard great things about Avon's Glazewear but have yet to try it until now. I recently got the new summer editions to the Glazewear line, they are sheer but come in bright colours. 

I ordered three of the glosses, Sheer Royalty (purple), Sheer Envy (green) and Sheer Sunrise (orange). 

They are really sheer lip glosses that go on really smooth and are not sticky at all (actually the least sticky gloss I've ever tried), and have glitter in them.

Personally I ordered them based on the photo in the flyer, I saw the green and actually thought it would be that colour green but more sheer (due to the word 'sheer' in the name). I must say it is not that opaque and is really really really sheer. The colour barley comes through at all. The glitter is visible, the colour unnoticeable but the gloss taste/smells great and super smooth (once again, non-sticky).
Overall, I thought I was going to get a gloss that was had a bit more colour and less glitter (the green one I thought would be like Mac's Spring Bean). But I am happily surprised with the quality, smell and smoothness of the gloss. The price of $3.99 also was a great selling point. I would gladly get these again (and try some of the other glazewear glosses), they are a great summer lighter look option.