Annabelle TwistUp: Review Part 1

By Wednesday, April 27, 2016 , , , , ,

A few years back Annabelle had a deal on their website, for $24 you could get all 24 of their TwistUp lipstick pencils. I jumped to get them, and then never really did anything with them. Now I owned a few already and loved them, but as a blogger I felt the need to photograph them before ever using them. Now time has passed and I have let these beautiful babies go unused for the most part. Now I have used some over time, but many not at all.
So today I declare, I will review these, so I can use them in my life without guilt.
Today I will choose six random TwistUps to swatch and review. Enjoy.
I chose the shades Orange Pop, Bazooka Pink, Mimosa, Kinky Pink, Mai Tai and Havana.
Havana is a nude, a light nude at that. Even on me, it looks a little light. The first time I used it I did not like it at all, I felt like I had concealer lips. That being said now that I have worn it a few times with different looks I realize how much I do like it. Many nude shades are too dark or pink on me, this one seems to really work for a more lighter makeup look on me.If I was to wear bolder makeup, then no this would make me looked washed out, but a light look, this looks great.
Bazooka Pink:
Bazooka Pink is a light but bright pink. Light as in Barbie Pink, bright as in pigmented and vibrant. It clearly gets its name form pink bubble gum, and it really suits its name. I thought at first this would be a typical sheer light pink shade, but it wasn't. It went on bold and pigmented, defiantly one of their more vibrant colours. A vibrant light pink with a milky appearance might be the  best description of it. I keep on thinking I am going to find something similar in my massive collection, but I don't. Mac's Candy Yum-Yum is as creamy and pigmented but much deeper in tone; this is a very light but bold shade. Anyways, I love it. 
Orange Pop:
Orange Pop is another bold baby. It is ORANGE and their isn't much more to say. Its pretty darn opaque in its colouring, also pretty vibrant. I guess I can add it wears really well and I also love it. I seemed to have picked a bunch that I love this round.
I love mimosas, definitely a favourite drink of mine. Mimosa is orange, but more sheer than Orange Pop. It also has a bit of gold shimmer to it, which to be honest is hard to see. Being sheer makes it more wearable for most people and the every day.
Mai Tai:
Mai Tai is sheer, with orange, but running more pink/red then Mimosa. I would call it an orange based red more than an orange. It glossy and just a bit sheer making it an excellent every day shade. If I had to pick between Mai Tai and Mimosa I would choose Mimosa, but in a bar the opposite would happen.
Kinky Pink:
Kinky Pink is an opaque fuchsia that is stunning. I love fuchsias...oh how I love them. I went through my collection and found that Mac's Something New is strikingly similar, but limited edition, so if you've been waiting for a re-release this might be the best match you'll ever find. Smooth and gloss, rich and bold, this is just a fantastic shade for those that love a bold lip colour.
There you go, six of my Annabelle TwistUps. I love the easy to use TwistUp packaging, the fact a liner isn't needed and the general formulation and colour selection of the brand.

I plan on reviewing six more TwistUps until I am done my collection, so stay tuned for more.