Annabelle BrowShow Brow Liner

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I love Annabelle products, a lot (see past Annabelle posts here). But you might already know that about me. You may also know that Annabelle is really known for having great liners and brow products and recently launched a Brow Bar section to their displays. Today I am going to talk about what has become my favourite product in the last 6 months for my eyebrows, their BrowShow brow liner pencil.  I am using it in the shade Light.
BrowShow is a fat double sided pencil that features a brow shade on one side and a matte highlighter shade on the other. The brow part is just waxy enough that it helps create a fantasist bold eyebrow. While the highlighter side work by going underneath the eyebrow to highlight and make you brows pop out more. 
The great thing about the highlighter side is that it is matte, so often these type of things run shimmery, but not this one. It also blends out so well with just a light swipe of a finger.
The brow side I love to use underneath the main part of my brow and then on top after the angle. I then take a spooly and easily blend it all in for a bold brown with a much better arch then my natural one.  I also find because of it perfectly waxy texture I am able to extend my brows just a bit past my own for a better looking brow.

Here is a picture of my brows done up. The one on the left (my right eye) also has the highlighter used underneath the brow to show how it makes the eye look. It clearly isn't shimmery or frosty.
Overall I really love this brow pencil. I really do love Annabelle's brow products they all are so great and affordable. This one is also great being a fat pencil that you don't go thought it too fast and it has the added bonus of a great highlighter on the other end.
Have you tried any of Annabelle's Brow Products?

*I was sent this product for review, all opinions are my own.