BeautyLash Tinting Kit for Brows and Lashes

by - Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lately, I have been neglecting to fill in my brows and sometimes even putting on mascara. I am just too tired and frankly lazy to do it. I also work a physical job and end up sweating so much of it off in the summer heat. Oh and there is also the fact I work with pet hair as a groomer, ever try to groom out a Persian Cat and not get a thousand hairs stuck to your lashes? It isn't really possible. Oh, and did I mention I now have grey hairs in my brows? Grey hairs!

I thought it would be a great time to try out tinting my lashes. Since I colour my hair a medium red I thought I would try a medium brown shade. Ideally, I would like my lashes to be black, but I figured since I was trying out the Medium Brown for my brows it would be not a bad idea to at least try them on my lashes.
This set is actually really easy to use. Wash and clean your face, make sure it is all dry. Put some lotion around the outside of your brows as to not colour them. Apply the pads under your eyes to protect them. Put a pea size amount of Part 1 (Colour Gel) into well #1, use the mascara wand to apply to brow and lashes. Let sit 4 minutes or until dry. wipe away. Put Part 2 (Developer Gel) into well #2 and apply with the little wand on brows and lashes. Let sit for 1 minute. Wipe off with a damp cloth.
So how did it all go for me? I could not get the darn pads to stay put, at all! So, I ditched them and just put some heavy lotion on the area instead.

Part 1 went all well, Part 2 did not. I do not like that tiny wand. I would suggest you get another mascara wand to get a more accurate application
My eyes watered a bit when Part 2 went on my lashes, but nothing intense, just a bit spontaneous.

You need a lot of cotton swabs, and I mean a lot! I used some to accurately apply lotion around my brows and eyes, I used one to wipe off Part 1, I used one to clean up messes, basically, I used a lot of them and you should have a pile ready, not just a few.
How do I like it? I love it! My brows are perfect I am just using a clear gel when I want some shape or a fine pencil to fill in gaps when I do a more intense eye look. As for the lashes, I love how my bottom lashes look. They are darker and still fine. I think I am going to try the black on my top lashes because the look isn't too different than my natural lash colour.

Overall this kit was really easy to use and I feel the next time will be easier now that the learning curve is over. As I said, bring another mascara wand and a pile of cotton swabs and you will be just fine.

I really liked it has 16 applications in the kit, I probably used too much my first time, but that is ok. I picked up another brands kit that said 12 applications, but only had 12 eye pads, which meant it only did 6 set of lashes or brows, not 12. This one actually is meant to do the number of applications it says on the box, so that is a big bonus.

Have you ever tinted your lashes and/or brows at home? What did you think of it?

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*product was sent to me for review purposes; all views and opinions are my own.

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