Summertime Favourites From FarleyCo

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*Post Features PR Samples

Today I take a look at new products from FarleyCo that you can find at your favourite drug store and mass retailers.
Get skin gleaming with this delightful metallic silver easy peel-off mask. Provides a helping hand at purifying and deeply cleansing pores to banish dirt and peel away dull, dead skin.
Helps to minimize the appearance of pores and fast-tracks your way to smooth, toned skin.
Key Ingredients: Orchid, Frankincense, Smithsonite
The Silver Peel-Off mask provides a 'Deep Micro Cleanse' and is best for Normal, Combo and Oily skin. The mask is supposed to purify, tone and tighten your skin.

My skin dry with some oily patches making it a combo but only in the summertime, which means this is a great summer mask for me. 

The Smithsonite in it really makes it silver when applied and dried, which is super fun. I found the mask easy to peel off and my skin super soft after using it. 
Say hello to a rosy glow with our metallic rose gold easy peel off mask. A precious blend of ingredients to help perk up a dull complexion in a flash! This selfie-ready mask helps to minimise the appearance of pores, tone and purify the skin.
Key Ingredients: Damask Rose Water, White Tea, Moonstone
The Rose Gold Peel Off mask is supposed to 'Balance and Nourish' your skin and is best for Normal, Combo and Dry skin. 

Since my skin is mainly dry this is great all year round but especially good in the colder months for me.

Once again, this one looks just like the metal in its name. Rose gold is so pretty, it looks like a liquid highlighter accident, but in a fun way. I love roses in my skin care, my skin just reacts so well to it and this mask is no exception. I love how soft and healthy my skin felt after using it.
Both masks are really neat because they actually contain ground up gemstones and have a fantastic metallic look to them. I always love a good peel-off mask because you get that satisfaction when peeling it off
COLAB's Original fragrance Dry Shampoo gives hair an instant wow-factor with a 'Too cool for School' vibe and an effortlessly cool, bergamot and rose scent. Slay All Day!
Keep that clean hair feel for longer & instantly revitalise your look with COLAB's Sheer & Invisible dry shampoo.  Weightless & Invisible, it's perfect for all hair types that need an instant boost.
COLAB Invisible Dry Shampoo - Amazing oil absorbtion without white residue.
COLAB has quickly become my dry shampoo of choice. I have written about them in the past. It works so well, it never leaves a white cast or dullness on my dark hair all while leaving it feeling clean and light. It especially was great when my hair was short and I could not pull it back on my 3rd day without a wash day.
This here is the original formula and scent. The scent is Bergamont, Rose and Magnolia. It isn't too strong or overwhelming, but it is really nice.

Basically if you want a good dry shampoo that leaves no white residue on your hair, leaves your hair clean and fluffy and smells nice you need to buy this. I cannot stress this enough, this is the best dry shampoo out there.
Bubble T's refreshing Moroccan Mint Tea hand wash is a bathroom essential. A splash of colour and serious ingredients will soothe skin with fresh mint oil and Goji berry extracts. Packed with the uplifting scents of spearmint and peppermint, this hand wash is about to become your newest bathroom favourite.
Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a variety of tea-infused ingredients
I of course am always happy to get a new hand wash to try out, but in 2020, yes, please!  We are just flying through the stuff this year and that isn't a bad thing.

Bubble T's Moroccan Mint Tea Hand Wash is a really nice hand wash that has a light gel-like texture that foams up into a light feeling lather with large bubbles. It rinses clean and leaves no residue on the hands. It smells really nice too, a light minty tea scent but nothing too strong.

I also really like the bottle, it has a great pump that works really well. You get a solid amount of product, not too much or too little, just right.

My bottle is currently living in our main washroom and getting lots of use. I would definitely pick this up next time we run out of soap.
It is time to embrace the rejuvenating spirit of summer with this delightful presse, blending luscious fruits and watery cucumber, with delicate floral interludes. This vibrant fruity accord has opening notes of apple & cucumber, leading to a heart of lemony elderflowers and jasmine to create a beautiful floral freshness.
Freshen up with this beautifully scented Body Mist for long lasting, on the go refreshment. It provides a beautiful burst of long lasting fragrance for up to 4 hours. Formulated with natural fruit extracts they offer a welcome burst of fragrance to help keep you smelling irresistible. A pamper product that is sure to become a handbag essential.
Exclusively Available Instore at Shoppers Drug Mart
I love elderflower in food so naturally, I really wanted to try it out as a scent. In food, it is light, sweet and floral and it is the same in a body mist.

Bodysprays are pretty much all I wear in the summertime. It feels light and isn't too heavy in the warm weather.

It has a lot of fresh and light fragrances in it that really makes it smell like summer. There is cucumber in there as well as apple and even jasmine. All together it makes a scent I just can't place but is so light and summery.

The formula lasts for about half a day on me, which is about par with other body sprays. I really like to add a bit to my hair and clothing so that I smell fresh a little longer into the day.
Perspirex Comfort Extra Effective Antiperspirant is clinically proven to provide extra effective protection against sweat for 2-3 days.The Comfort skin care system contains ingredients that hydrate the skin for extra skin comfort. Apply at night to completely dry, unbroken skin. No need to reapply in the morning.
Fragrance-free. Not tested on animals.
Perspirex has been my go-to antiperspirant for about 6 years now. I absolutely adore the original and how it lasts for 5 days on me even with showering and swimming. This new updated Comfort version is even better. I heard a lot of people were having issues with the original and their skin is sensitive to it. I never had that problem unless I applied it directly after shaving. This new formal seems to have fixed any sensitivity issues people were having, I still don't recommend using it after shaving though.
I like to follow the instructions on the lid and apply at night to clean dry skin. I find it lasts 5 days on me but the bottle says it lasts 2 to 3 on most people. 

The summer means hot weather and a simple walk around the block or a day at work can leave me sweating a ton, I feel awful and really start to worry about if I am smelling. When I wear Persirex I don't have that issue at all and I absolutely love that.

In the past when I purchased the original Perspirex in the stores I thought that for an anti-perspiring it was definitely more expensive, but when I realized I only had to use it every 5 days I quickly saw that it wasn't an issue at all.
So there are some new to me items from FarleyCo that I recommend you go check out at your local drug store. I have really enjoyed them and will definitely be repurchasing them as soon as I run out.

*Post features products sent for review. All views and opinions are my own.