L'oreal Men Expert Barber Club Line

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Mr. Fox has had a beard for about a decade now, and while it has varied in styles over the years, one thing is for sure, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With that, I am proud to say he has finally got himself a proper beard grooming routine (hallelujah, it took him long enough). Today I am going to look at his current products of choice from L'oreal Men Expert Barber Club Line.
BarberClub line launched this past spring and Mr. Fox and I were lucky enough to go to a launch party, where he got pampered with a beard clean up and all the new products.

All the products have a Cedarwood Oil in them and have a light Cedarwood scent to them, not too heavy and not too strong.

All the products have a little description of what they do and a barber' tip on them, making them easy to use and understand.
Deeply cleanses beard, face and hair.
Barber Tips: Use Daily to cleanse the beard, face and hair. Apply as needed after lathering into a rich foam within the palms of the hands
A great face or beard starts with a great wash. This 3-in-1 takes care of your face, beard and hair all in one go. Mr. Fox has been using a designated beard wash for about two years now, but when I told him that he could use this one for both his beard and his face he really liked the idea. It reduces the number of products he has in the shower and means he doesn't have to be as precise with his application to his beard. He honestly hasn't used it on his hair, but it is just because he really likes his current shampoo-conditioner 2-in-1.

Mr. Fox works in a kitchen, it is a relatively greasy place and his face often reflects that ('hey honey, your beard smells like fish! You sold a lot of fish and chips today I guess') so having a face wash and beard wash that tackles that without drying out his skin and hair is important.
Softens rough beard & comforts skin. Moisturizes skin all day
Barber Tips: Use every morning on cleansed beard and face. Massage 1 to 2 drops of the gel into skin and beard working upwards from the neck until absorbed
This is a clear moisturizer that comes in an airless pump so the product stays nice and fresh. One pump is plenty to moisturize a whole face, while you may need more depending on the length of the beard. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft and hydrated without any grease.

I cannot state this enough, this moisturizer is not greasy! Over the years Mr. Fox's has had a lot of issues with moisturizers because he has oily skin, he doesn't want to add to that. It really reminds me more of serum than an actual moisturizer.

The more Mr. Fox has used it the happier his skin has been and the softer his beard has become. He also really likes to use it after touching up the edges of his beard. Razors can irritate skin, and this light hydrating gel really seems to help calm it down. Best of all, no breakouts while using it.
Tames and conditions beard. Soothes itchiness and nourishes skin. Non-Greasy. 
Barber Tips: Massage 2-3 drops of oil (according to beard length) into facial hair, making contact with the skin underneath. For an even, more tamed beard, use brush or comb.
BarberClub's Face and Beard oil is very light in consistency that you can use it on your face and not worry about it being too much, as well it is great for taming and conditioning your beard. It feels incredibly lightweight and smooth that I actually thought it had silicone in it, but it is 100% silicone free (which is great). 

Beard oil is Mr. Fox's favourite skin care item by far. When I first brought him home some two years ago he instantly fell in love with the idea. Sadly most of the ones he has tried out over the years have been heavy and overly scented. Since he works in a kitchen, he heavily relies on his sense of smell and a heavy scented product can throw that off.  The more he uses it the nicer his beard feels and the tamer it is.

The pros of this one are that you can use it as both a face and beard oil, it is light in texture and scent.
Long-lasting beard control. Defined hairstyle 
Barber Tips: Work the product between hands and apply to dry or towel dried hair / beard. Use a comb to set in place
Taming a beard can be a bit of a tricky task. Oils help soften it and give it some minor shape but if you grow it longer or are prone to flyaway hairs it can be a bit odd. In the past, Mr. Fox has tried some waxes that are more meant for mustache styling and don't really do much but make a mess. 

This cream is nice and light in texture that you can just tap your fingers on the top of it to get enough to lightly shape your beard and add more as needed. You can also use it on your hair, which is a nice bonus. 

I find the scent a tad bit stronger on this product then the rest of the collection, but still not overwhelming.
Overall Mr. Fox is loving this collection. The fact that all the products are multi-purpose for your face, beard and/or hair is fantastic. This means he is more likely to use it because honestly too many products will overwhelm him. 

The products all have cedarwood oil in them but a light enough scent that works well for his needs. The moisturizer and oil are light in texture and don't leave the skin oily or irritated and most importantly do not cause any breakouts on him.

There really is nothing about this line that he doesn't like. I personally like the scent and the fact he has a proper skin care routine now.
*Products were received as a gift at a pr event. All views and opinions are mine and Mr. Fox's