EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo Sponges

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Since I first discovered Eco Tools back in 2009 I have been in love. Now they have sponges that rival the big expensive prestige ones and I could not be happier.

First off I am going to say I have 3 Beauty Blenders, and while I will love them until their bitter end, they have just gone up in price so much that dropping $30 bucks after tax is no longer an option for me. I just wont do it. So finding an affordable, good replacement, that I can pick up at just about any drugstore is a pretty amazing thing. So let us see if EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo lives up to my expectations.
First off you get two, that is two sponges in this pack (this is already becoming a win-win situation when you get two in a package). One is smaller and one is larger. Both have the same shape, round on one side, narrowing to a point. The angle of the point differs on each side, one shorter, one longer. The sponges can be used wet or dry, they expand quite a bit when wet, I am going to assume 90% of people would use it wet (all sponges really blend better wet). The smaller one is a tad bit denser, meant for doing detail work, but I found it worked the exact same as the larger one.
I find the density very similar to Real Techniques sponges when wet, which is a perfect blend of bouncy and firm for blending out foundation. I find you can get some pretty good coverage with them. I like the shape because you can bounce your foundation over your skin with the rounded end or sides, while using the flat sides for precision and the flat tip for contouring or concealing. The flat sides are meant to help you get fuller coverage of your foundation, you lay it down with the flat side then bounce it out with the rounded. It works well that way, but I still like the flat for other product application.

The fact that one is smaller and one is bigger is a nice touch. You think you may use the smaller one more for cream blushes or contouring, but I found I have ended up using it more for foundation then the other options on most days.

Overall these babies are very inexpensive, running $15.99 for the pair, I think it is a great deal. You get two sponges that are dense enough to get the job done but not a heavy rock like some other drug store sponges out there. They have a great shape that I find makes applying makeup easy and I can get details like contouring or blush done without needing another tool. Plus they are made up of 70% plant based materials, which is always a great thing to hear.

You can find EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo Sponges at, as well as at select Rexall, Walmart, London Drugs, Brunet, Lawtons Drugs, Pharmasave and Uniprix across Canada.

Have you found a sponge you love? What do you think of the idea of these EcoTools sponges?
*product was sent to review, all views and opinion are my own.