Quo Sweet Sixteen Birthday Part

by - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Recently the cosmetics brand Quo tuned 16; the brand chose to party it up in celebration of the occasion with a swanky party where they showed off their new 2016 collection.
The party had custom manicures, tasty baked treats from Bobbette and Belle as well all of their new collection on display and to play with.
While I wish I could have gotten a manicure (I love and own many Orly by Quo polishes), my nails were split and my hangnails were out of control, so it would have been a waist. They had a great little sign that featured a bunch of designs that you could get done at one of the manicure stations.
Their new lip products impressed me a lot. There are new lip stains (don't think crazy lip stains, think thin and lightly tinted, like Benetint), Refillable lip glosses (amazing idea), lip velours, lipgloss sets, tinted lip balms (they call them lip cocktails), "Colour Overload" lip glosses (full pigment gloss) and finally new lipsticks that have a fantastic hounds-tooth pattern embossed into them(they are so pretty). There is even a clear lip liner, for those days you need to reverse line your lips to prevent feathering.
The Colour Overload Glosses swatched
In the palette department they have launched some exciting stuff. There are two contour kits and two eye-shadow palettes. The brush in the contour kit is worth buying the set for alone, but the set is also really nice (win-win right there).
They are also mono eye-shadows being launched. All of which come in more neutral shades and are really just pretty for any time of day or night. 
For the rest of the face there is refillable Cushion Foundation (amazing) and blush cheek sticks 

Brow powder in a tube, a custom brow set, super thin automatic brow pencil and brow enchanting double ended pencil.
Blue mascara, mascara primer self curling mascara to you "holy grail" massacre they have your lashes covered.
Liner wise they have both Micro tipped brush tip liquid liners as well as a vinyl liner joining their new line, all under the name "Art Of Lining".

I was lucky enough to get a sweet Goodie Bag from the birthday party; look for reviews on some of the products on the blog in the near future (spoiler alert: I am loving everything).
In the mean time you can check out Quo exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart's across Canada.

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