Lisa Cosmetics Warehouse Sale Spring 2016 Haul

by - Monday, May 02, 2016

That time has come again where the Lisa Cosmetics Warehouse Sale happens. Yippee,  this sale makes me so happy. I love to look at all the discounted makeup and perfume products, and even a few products you wouldn't think of buying at a sale like this.

$1 Items:
I got these last year for Mr. Fox and he really like it. It is a small flat way to carry floss with you. for 99 cents I can't complain.

Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover Wipes:
I got these because I wanted to really try their De-Puffing and Lash Care version and a 25 count mini is a great deal for a buck.

Pumi Bar:
Who doesn't need a pumice bar? I don't think I need to say any more.
Other Stuff:
Rub A535 Ice Spray:
For $4.99 I though we should try this. I am going through some pretty crazy physiotherapy right now and my body is killing me. I think I am just falling apart.

X3 Hand Sanitizer Spray:
These are a favourite of mine and my families now. I give them to everyone when they travel. They cost $3.49 for 3 sprays. Ready my full review on them here.

Jucy Bamboo Wipes:
I always need face wipes, these were $2.99 so I thought I would try them out.
While there still is plenty of the Stila products I got in the past there (check out my past blogs on the Lisa Sale) and other brands like Anna Sui, Elizabeth Arden, Marcelle and Annabelle there, I just don't need much more products and only got two Stila Palettes.

I got the Sprit and Mind last time I went so this time I just got the two I was missing.
Eyes Are the Window Eye Shadow Palette: Body.
This is a very pretty palette filled with pretty purples and blues. So pretty. 
Eyes Are The Window Eye Shadow Palette: Soul
This is a incridibly gorgeous neutral palette with some insanely pretty shades and textures in it. It was also $24.99.
Finally we skipped the Quality Street and Cadbury and went just for some Turtles this time. This big tin was $4.99. Mmmmmm Turtles.
Ok so that is everything I got at the sale. Be sure to check out my pasts posts here. 

Have you ever been to the Lisa Sale? Did you fall in love with anything?

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