Saje Natural Wellness Haul

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Saje Natural Wellness is a Canadian brand specializing in 100% natural essential oils and wellness products. I was lucky enough to get a gift card for Christmas from some co-workers; I thought I would share my purchases with you.

Breathe deeply and relax more completely when you infuse your yoga space with these inspiring blends, each formulated from 100% pure, all natural, therapeutic essential oils. just add 10 - 15 drops to your nebulizer or diffuser and experience a deeper connection with each breathe you take.
Together in a lovely keepsake box with magnetic closure, enjoy our deluxe set of 6 all-natural diffuser blends, including:
- Unwind, for ultimate relaxation and tension relief
- Spa Spirit, for a healing, spa-like atmosphere in your own home
- Yoga, for a regenerative, soul-nurturing practice.
- Exhale, for an exhilarating body- and mind-clearing blend that renews and strengthens
- Well-Being, a welcoming atmosphere and an overall sense of well-being and balance
- Good Karma, for a sweet sense of good-hearted inspiration
This is a set with 6 essential oil blends aimed to relax and inspire. They are 6ml each. I really liked how each one smelt, so that was my reasoning behind buying the set.
I picked this empty paulownia wood holder for the Namaste set. Pretty much I paid $5.95 for some wood with holes in it. I realized after that the Namaste set is 6ml and this is for 10ml, but they fit pretty darn well, so I don't care.  I can now keep four of my oils on my desk and they look nice. I have some other essential oils hanging around that I was hoping to get a holder for, so this might hold them down the road.
Three of our most supportive roll-ons to make the most of your work day - Stress Release, Eater's Digest, and Quick Study.
So roll on and feel your creativity flow.
stress release - 6ml
eaters digest - 6ml
quick study - 6ml
These are interesting, their bottle has both a dropper on one end and a roller on the other. They already have grape-seed oil in them as a carrier oil so there is no need to dilute them before applying to the skin, but you can if you find them too strong.
That is all I got from Saje, I went over my $60 gift card by quite a bit, but I am happy I now get to try so many products out.  
Have you tried any Saje products out? What do you think of them?