Toronto IMATS haul

By Sunday, November 22, 2009 , , ,

Today I went to the Toronto Imats show. This is what I got:

Temptu S/B foundation:
Last year I got the foundation starter set, this year I got 002/Ivory and 003/blush Ivory aka my colours. I used up so much of my colours I ran out, so this year I got two large 1 oz bottle for myself. 

Temptu Dura Black:
I bought a few month back the occ ink airbrush body paint set for making long lasting fake tattoos. Unfortunatly I did not think they were dark enough to look like a black tattoo, so I got black and I plan on mixing it with the colours in the kit as needed.

Temptu S/B stater set in Adjusters:
 These are the primary colours and green and violet, black and white. I figured I could get more use out of these and my existing foundation starter set than buying anything else. 

Temtu S/B Primer: 
I got this baby last year at the show and loved it so much I got more. I love how well it works with the s/b line of foundations and concealers.

Kett Colourless Setting Powder:
I got this last year too and loved it so much I had to get some more. This colourless powder is meant for airbrush setting and meant for HD which means it is not cakey or heavy. I love it so much and it last forever, I still have some from last year but wanted to get some more to make sure I didn't run out (plus it was a deal so how could I resist).

OCC Skin in Clear:
I wanted to get OCC primer but the  girls at the booth gave me the wrong product. I am trying to figure out how I can get the primer I desire so. I am frustrated more at myself for not looking at the bottle better but the girl did actually tell me that is what the old primer bottle looks like and I believe it, Sigh. It says it is great to dilute the skin line of water based airbrush makeup they make (but so is water), as well it is great for mixing with their pigments to make them stick and I will use it, I just wanted another product (sigh again).

Crown Brushes:
Ok this is where for years I have gone mad. I love my brushes. This year I did my best job yet at containing myself...$60 worth. A nice foundation brush , nice powder, 3 eyeliner, a fan, and 13 shadow brushes. I love crown!