IMATS Toronto 2013 Pictures and Haul

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This past weekend IMATS came to town and I for the first time in 2 years I attended. Now located right downtown it made it really easy to attend.
Bdellium Tools
Makeup demos.
Crown Brushes 
Beauty Blenders at Virtzu
I got almost everything on my wish list, and a whole bunch more. How much more? Take a peek.
At Nigel's Beauty Emporium I got a brush tube ($15), some lashes (7/$10 - I gave one away to a friend), disposable silicone lash wands ($3.50), a Beauty Blender and Solid Cleaner ($26) and Ben Nye Banana Powder ($8.00).
At Temptu I only got the S/B Concealer Wheel, but I still got a big bag, which is always great. It was $18. I have previously had one, but now it is old and the packaging is cracked, clearly time for this new one.
Alcone had a very small booth and didn't have my Parian Spirit, so I got a very small set of flat scissors that are great for brows ($15) and some micro cotton buds (3 / $1).
At Beauty So Clean I got their makeup sanitizer it was $10. I do have two of their brush cleaners already and love it.
At Crown Brushes I went  a little bit nuts and spent just shy of $100 on brushes and their brush cleaner. Fun fact, I adore Crown and have been an avid purchaser of their brushes since 2005. I most likely have 120 of their brushes. Hmm...that didn't sound as fun as I thought it would...sounds obsessive.
At Kett I didn't get anything but this spray of Parian Spirit, it was $10 and I am glad some one sold 
something by them. Sadly they were not selling the jar or the full sized product.
At Bdellium Tools I got many brushes. I went with their green and shorter handled brushes for the most part because they were a dollar cheeper then the pink long handled ones. The two pink ones I did get cost the same as the green, so I went with pink. I also got a shadow set ($20) and a Mineral set ($25). I picked up several duo fibre brushes too, because they were soooo soft. These are the first Bdellium brushes I've ever bought and I am so happy I finally got to get some.