IMATS Toronto 2016

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IMATS Toronto came and went, I went, I saw, I hauled and now I am showing you all what I got (admitingly really late, but that is ok right? 2017 Imats is around the corner so it can get you all herring to go for that).

This year I found there seemed to be less at the show, while the same size as before, I just felt there was less booths and less products. 

This year marks the first year booths like Buxom and Bare Minerals were there, but by the time I went Sunday most of what they had to offer was gone.

 Benefit was back, and this time with 40% off. I got lots of goodies, but not for myself, for my co-workers (mainly because last year I finally got all their blushes and there was nothing left for me to get).

NARS had their own booth this year, not just in the Hudson's Bay counter booth.

Kat Von D had a booth with a crazy crazy line and a thrown you could sit in.

Lime Crime was there, crazy line as well.

NYX had a booth again, also with a long line. Nothing at this booth you couldn't get at their free standing store (at the same prices) or Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall. So really not getting the hype or line here.

 Morphe was back and this time I heard they had to cut off the line because it was 4+ hours to get to look at brushes.

Many booths were just plain out of my haul was kind of small this time.

Tehran Spray Sealer: I always wanted to try this so a mini bottle I got.
Lash Case: This adorable case holds three sets of lashes, so you can always reuse your lashes and not wonder where to stash them.
Royal and Langnickle: Once again brushes are my big purchase. I got this brush set for a co-worker because I loved mine so much last year, and then got another for myself.
I love the little box you get as well as the quality of the brushes, just fantastic. I also got a kabuki and two purple brushes and a Moda Set for a friend (I love mine from last year and they were only $12)
Benefit: Finally Benefit, with 40% I got a friend 3 roller lashes in brown, a they're real liner, Rockateur and Dandelion Blushes. 
So that is all I got at IMATS this year. I did have fun at the talks and demos, so below are a few pics.
Full Coverage demo at Dermablend Pro
Beauty Blender products
Prosthetics on display 
Royal and Langnickle
more Royal and Langnickle
Ok so there you go. This years IMATS Toronto will be in August so that is super exciting for a change.