IMATS Toronto 2015

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IMATS returned to Toronto last month for an interesting September visit. I was very glad it got pushed up to before Halloween this year, but sadly did not feel inspired for any SFX Halloween costume purchases.  I did however attend a lecture (I haven't been to one in a very long time), shopped a lot and went both days. 

Last year I really fell in love with Morphe brushes, some are the same as Crowns, but many are in a class all of their own. I swore I was not going to go brush crazy as I now have 300+ brushes at home, but I am weak. I spent $80 on all these lovely babies. I am so excited to try out the contour brush at the top.  
the line again for the Morphe booth
I must warn the lines at this booth are crazy, crazy! I missed my window on the Saturday for a quick in and out. Rather than spend 2 hours in line (2 HOURS!) I came back on the Sunday with a friend. It still took 40 minutes but was way less stressful.

$1 Lashes:
As in years past, I went nuts on lashes. I seriously don't ever wear lashes, but if I do, I wear these babies. I used the ones I got last year for my new sister in-law for her wedding day and I think they were just perfect to work with. They have a clear band and they look really great. I got them at Cici cosmetics, by Sunday they were all sold out of them. In the past I got them at Namies for 7 for $10 but I thought this booth had equally good lashes (the same I think) for $1 each. My goal this upcoming year is actually wear them more often.

Royal and Langnickel:
Royal and Langnickel make both cosmetic and artist brushes, the booth obviously just had makeup brushes. I've only ever used a few of their brushes in the past, but this year they really seemed to have drawn me in. I first saw their $10 MODA sets and then I just went a little crazy.
For $10 they had 7 brush sets with case and drying stand in bright bright colours. I chose both types of sets and in purple.
Then I got a $4 Complexion brush from there Pink Essentials line.

Finally I found and fell for their Love Is ... Kindness line of brushes. I picked up a mini set for $25 and a full sized for $30. I chose to get them in a brush container vs a roll. These babies are super soft and I cannot wait to start using them. I got them with the cream holder and pink brushes.

Benefit had a booth offering 35% off and a gift if you bought 3 products. I picked myself up the only two blushes I didn't have, Rockateur and Hervana. I also got Cha Cha Tint since I didn't have it. I picked friends up some other items (They're Real liner, Hoola Bronzer and Roller Lash Mascara). I got two crease-less cream eyeshadows free (Skinny Jeans and No Pressure). I also found a random eyeshaodow in my bag when I got home, I didn't steal it, I think it just got tossed in (it is in the shade Call My Bluff).

So that is all I bought. I went brush crazy, again, and need some type of rehab.

I enjoyed the show, I wish it wasn't so crazy crowded every time I go, but so is a show like IMATS. I did enjoy the lecture I heard, I think next year I will cafeniate myself better so that I can attend more.

I also had a great meet up with some CBB girls and even had brunch with them. It was nice to get to know them better and just enable each others shopping habits.