The IMATS are coming!

By Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well it is that time of the year again, makeup show time!!! wooo! I scream in my head and sometimes aloud when I think of it.

November this year brings a new version of the makeup show, it is being re branded IMAT, and I could not be happier about it. When I first started to be a makeup student four years back there was the CNOMA (Canadian Network of Makeup Artist) show at the Atruim at the Bay. It was small and awkward and there were bad award shows to follow with a dinner. I remember a plastic surgery credit card and the demo people were giving people botox free as a demo. The talks were less than enthusing and I remember leaving early.

Then the next year there was nothing.

The following year the CMS (Canadian Makeup Show) came on the scene. It was at the Kool Haus (a Toronto night club). It was created by a Toronto's Industry Cosmetic store and primarily featured booths by companies they sold (although there were other brands there too).

Then last year it was held at the Better Living Centre at the EX. This was a horible venue. The royal winter fair was on as well as a TFC game. There was no parking, it was a maze to find this hole in a wall building. There were no good lectures, the Mac pro card had no free gifts, vendors had people who had no clue what they were selling. I was less than impressed.

This year brings a new hope for me and makeup lovers of Toronto, CMS has merged with the world famous IMATS to bring (hopefully) better show. The venue is the tiny hallway between the Ricoh Coliseum and the Direct Energy Centre known as Heritage Court. I don't think the venue could be worse than last years show, so I have good feeling.

So, what is it that is going to make me shell out $30 to go buy makeup??

Well I want to get some more brushes (shocking I know) from my favorite place, CROWN. I love Crown and I think I always will. I would rather feel and pick out my brushes by hand, and this is a great way to do that. Crowns brushes are great quality and amazing prices.

I also need some more Temptu foundation in a few shades and will debate if I should get their brown kit. Last year I got the s/b concealer wheel, s/b trial kit and the s/b primer. I love all of them and might get another one of the primers and one of their powders.

OCC's primer has intrigued me for a few years, a primer that sprays through your airbrush and is silicone free...hmmmm. I may get that.

I want to see Koren from Enkore talk, he rocks as well Temptu is going to do a demo and anything airbrush intrigues me a lot.

I am sure there will be more to see and do, but for now I am just trying to make a list so that I don't forget anything I needed.