Empties Time - Early 2024

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From time to time, I use up a bunch of stuff, get tired of the packaging hanging around and do an empties post. Now is that time.

Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Stick

My mom brought me three of these a few years back. I really like them for travel or for touch ups on a day out. I first heard about it when my friend Melissa blogged about it. I really love them, unfortunately they expired on me, so what is left is going into my recycling pile.

Saje Well-Being Balancing Diffuser Blend

I got a set of Saje oils a long time ago. This has been a long time coming in the using it up department. I recently got a diffuser for my office and since I started online classes, I managed to use this up in the first few days. I liked it a lot but I have a lot of oils to use up. Plus, they stopped selling this scent.

Farmx Super Greens Cooling Gel

I got this sample size and two more, from Topbox to try out. I liked it a lot. I kept this one at work because it was tiny and made sense. I am still working on the other two, but it has been fantastic.

Trader Joe’s Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

I got this a long time ago, and well, I love it. It is everything everyone ever says about it. When I went to Buffalo and visited Trader Joe’s, I got a lot of skin care, but they were out of this. Lucky for me I have a backup.

Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara

I love a good waterproof mascara. I usually stick to drug store, but I got this one to try out and I loved it. I love it so much. It meets all my needs for not smudging and keeping my lashes looking dark and full. I would buy it again in an instant.

L’OrĂ©al Brow Stylist Definer

I got this a long time ago, and it is fantastic. I can’t believe I actually used up an entire brow product. It had a super fine tip as well as a great little brow brush. Highly recommend.

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

This one seems to also have a cult following. I strangely enough love the bottle; it has a great squeeze to it and a cap that lets the right amount out. The formula is gel like and lathers fantastically. I have a backup and just got the shampoo and conditioner, so I am pretty happy that I’ll get to try them out soon.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous cleansing Butter

This is a fantastic cleansing balm. I used all of it up, which is kind of impressive, and I have a brand-new tin to start. I genuinely love this cleansing balm, and I love a lot of cleansing balms. I also love this comes in a tin and is plastic free.

St. Ive's Energizing Body Wash - Citrus & Cherry Blossom

This was Mr. Fox's. He goes through a lot of body wash, so he used it up pretty fast. He seemed to like it ok but hasn't repurchased it. I think he got it as an attempt to find a drug store dupe for TBS Satsuma body wash. I liked the smell and saw at the drug store for $4.99 the other day, so I would consider buying it for him.

Irish Spring Moisturizing Face + Body Wash - Moisture Blast

I got sent a similar one a few years back for review, he still likes the brand and buys it a few times a year. He says it cleans well and doesn't dry him out.

Garnier Fructis - Pure Clean - Shampoo

This is a silicone free shampoo for those with normal to oily hair. Mr. Fox once again used this and not me. He didn't rebuy it, but did seem to like it

So there you go, a pile of stuff I will be recycling. If you are looking for where to recycle your empty beauty products in Canada, check out my post on the topic here.
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