Beautylish Lucky Bag - 2024

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Once a year, Beautylish offers a mystery box that is Lunar New Year themed, the Lucky Bag. I got it back in 2022 and really liked it, I decided to get it again this year.

First off this box costs $107 Canadian once it is all said and done, there is also an option for an XL box, I just got the regular one. Second thing is, this box is a way for Beautylish to clear out some older items. 
The box cam well wrapped and protected. It also has a beautiful wrapping paper that is themed for the Lunar New Year (lots of dragons and makeup). It is such a pretty detail.
What I got. The box is supposed to have at least $206 CAD in value, and mine definitely had that.
This is a pretty, and large (16.2 g in it). It has some pretty shades in it. I honestly am not wowed by it and I do not know why. Maybe I already have a lot of palettes like this. I may be selling it because I just don't love it.

R+Co Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion
Apparently this product can't be sold to Canada, so I don't know what happened there. It sounds like a good styling lotion for my hair. I have never used R+Co, so it should be interesting to try out.

I am most excited to try these out. I haven't tried CT shadow sticks yet and they look real pretty. They are in the shades Pillow Talk and Smokey Pillow. 

This is an incredibly pretty, soft and wonderful eyeshadow brush. Everything about it feels luxurious. I really love my brushes (I have about 400 now), but never treat myself to a high end one like this. 

This is Beautylish's own skin care brand. It is not meant to be expensive. I do think this was a good way to get people to try their skin care out while getting rid of old stock. I am ok with this one. It isn't something I every heard of before, but would like to try out.

This is a very fancy looking lipstick. In all honesty, I have not heard of this prand berfore. It's lipstick is giving me Cle de Peau or Shu Uemura vibes. I think the shade I got may be to light for me, so I may also sell this one.
So that is it. All together mine is valued at $259, it is a great value, but maybe nothing I really would have wanted. That's the gamble you take with a mystery box I guess. 

Would you get a mystery box like this? What do you think of what I got?

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