December 2023 Roundup

by - Monday, January 22, 2024

 December 2023 came and went, it was another fast but incredibly emotional one for me.

Rich and Me on Xmas Day

As I mentioned in the last few roundups, I would be leaving my job of 26 years that I had since grade 12, at the end of the holiday season. Well, that happened in December.  It was a lot. A lot of emotions and feels to say the least. I said goodbye to so many wonderful people and pets. Clients I had known since I was 17, those that I have known less time, people I consider my friends, and of course their adorable and sweet pets. 

Bradley's last day of work. He's retired now.

I got some sweet going aways presents mixed in with Christmas presents. I realized over the years I get a lot of gifts and sweets from both co-workers, people at the vet clinic my work is inside (not technically co-workers, but I consider them that) and clients. I also realize this is the last year I am going to get soooo many gifts to open on Christmas day. It was all very bitter sweet. I am keeping all the cards I got (which I usually do anyways).

Rich and me on my last day of work

Outside of all of that, The hubs and I went for a few meals. I have started to take photos of him while he looks at the menu (and more recently when the food comes), it is a little joke. Hopefully I will make collages in the future for posts of the menu and the food.

We went out for my Brother's birthday at La Palette. It is a lovely French restaurant on Queen West in Toronto, that I recommend checking out.

Rich and I also went to Jack Astor's to get some wings on my last day of work. We were tired but he wanted to take my mind of things (and probably stop me from crying, wings will do that).

what I ate at Rosemary & Thyme

The next morning we went to a brunch spot near us called Rosemary & Thyme. It is in a little strip mall and is always packed. Always. Last time I got the cinnamon roll pancakes, but this time I wanted something more savoury and got their 3 egss meal (it had bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast). It was tasty and a nice way to once again, keep my mind off things.

Christmas table at my aunt's

We did Christmas at my aunts on Christmas day. This is always fantastic. We got there early so Rich could use his pro culinary skills and do a lot of the cooking.

We did boxing day at Rich's Sister's home. We got to see nieces and nephews. It was a nice visit.

Finally we did my family's Fam Jam Christmas on the 30th. This is really sibling's xmas. All of us get together and I get to see my cute nieces and nephew run around and have a blast. I made foccatia to bring.


Finally New Year's Eve we went for lunch at Il Fortinos. I had a great stew (which was extra good because it was cold out) and then rang in the new year at home. we watched a movie and some yummy food. I picked up at a seafood store some salmon and escargot to eat. We also got a bottle of champagne to ring in the new year with.

My mother came back from the US for the holidays, she brought me some Trader Joe's goodies, as well as an Ulta order I did. Wet n Wild had an Ulta exclusive holiday collection that featured foxes. I got quite a bit of it. We also went to the Lisa Cosmetics Warehouse sale. I didn't get much but I did get a bottle of 4711. 

In other not interesting things that happened, our upstairs toilet broke, which wasn't fun. Tiles came up too. So we have to divulge a plan to tackle replacing the tiles before putting the toilet back in. We learned vinyl tile doesn't really exist anymore and we can get peel and stick. We don't really want that, it needs to be a bit more durable. So, we are contemplating what to do next. We did pick up a new toilet though.
my toilet flange 
So that was the end of the year for me. I am looking forward to a new exciting year filled with new adventures and totally different carrier path for me. Online school should be exciting. 
Bradley reluctant to go on a walk in the cold

Wishing you all the best for the new year!

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