Going Bananas with The Body Shop

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Last September I stopped by The Body Shop to use up my birthday gift money (FYI in Canada you can join The Body Shop's free Love Your Body club and rack up points towards free products and get $10 to spend in your birthday month). While I was there I picked up their Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.  Since then I have told just about everyone about them. The Body Shop has even added some limited edition body products in the Banana scent for the summer.

I cannot count the number of times someone has said "I used to use that in the '90s!" when I mention the shampoo and conditioner. The second thing I hear is "Does it smell like antibiotics?" and yeah it kind of smells like banana penicillin that you probably took as a kid, and that is because it is made with real bananas.

Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
Since being reintroduced, the shampoo and conditioner are now made with Comunity Trade organic bananas from Ecuador, vegetarian, and silicone free.

The shampoo is pretty creamy if I don't pay attention I often grab the wrong bottle mistaking it for the conditioner. I need a modest amount to get my hair clean. It lathers extremely nicely while still being nourishing and not stripping my hair or scalp.  I also find it rinses very easily.

The conditioner is of average consistency, not too thick or to thing. I need about the same amount as I do the shampoo to get full coverage. I find it feels super smooth and semi-absorbs into my hair. When I am swimming a lot my ends get dried, when that happens the conditioner is not enough for them, I need a mask on the ends. Other than that it really is nice and hydrating. It too rinses well.

Both products leave my hair light and bouncy, my waves are more formed and my hair is just more manageable. I love that there is no silicone and no buildup occurs as a result.
Limited Edition Banana Shower Cream
This body wash looks just like banana pudding, it is kind of freaky. It is creamy and hydrating while creating a decent lather. I don't find it lathers as well as one of their clear body washes, but then again it is sold as a shower cream and not a gel. It rinses really well and actually leaves me feeling nice and hydrated, all while smelling like yummy bananas.

The shower cream is also vegan so that is nice.

Limited Edition Banana Body Polish
When I saw that there was a body polish in the limited edition line and that it came in a tube I got super excited. I love The Body Shop scrubs in a tube, Satsuma is my all-time favourite. They act as a body wash and a scrub and come in a way better package then the tubs. Unfortunately, this was a big let down for me. There is barely any scrubbers in it at all. It really is just the shower cream with a tad bit of exfoliants in it. So it was let down.

Overall, I am loving the shampoo and conditioner, and I will be getting more as soon as I run out. The body cream is a good choice if you want to get something from their summer limited edition line, I would not recommend the polish.  

There is also a Body Yogurt and Body Butter in the limited edition body line and a Hair Mask in the Truly Nourishing hairline. I would have picked up Body Yogurt if I didn't have so many body lotions and butter hanging around my home half used.