Staying Dry and Smelling Fresh with Live Clean Deodorants

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This post features products sent for review purposes*
Live Clean has been my go-to for Canadian made, clean body products for a while now, which is why I was so excited to see that they launched a line of deodorants.
With Baking Soda and Corn Starch, these sticks help keep you smelling great without being antiperspirant. They help stop you from smelling, which in reality is what a deodorant is supposed to do. The bonus with these is the corn starch and baking soda that help absorb moisture, thus keep you smelling great even longer.

The sticks feel like any other antiperspirant or deodorant stick, maybe less slick or waxy in texture.
As for the wear, that is where I was really impressed. I know deodorants are not antiperspirants and that I should not expect the same results, but I got almost spot on results. I wore this on several hard work days where I was sweating and really should have had some mild BO by the end of it only to smell like absolutely nothing. Nothing! I made my co-worker smell my pits to make sure I wasn't being biased, and she also stated my pits smelt like nothing. She said it was like I just had a shower. I also made Mr. Fox smell my pits a few times, he was hesitant but agreed I smelt like nothing. The fact that they both said nothing was probably the most impressive part, they didn't say fine or ok, their actual words were "nothing". Which really is the best I could ever hope for. Side note, I was also declared weird by both of them for making them smell my armpits.
I was honestly expecting a strong baby powder scent that would flash me back to 1992 when I used Teen Spirit's Baby Powder Soft antiperspirant, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a soft mellow scent that smelt clean and just a tad bit like a baby powder like scent.
When I think citrus, I usually think a mix of orange and lemon, but this deodorant has a bit more of a complete citrus scent which includes grapefruit. I am not a massive grapefruit fan, it really is my least favourite fruit, but the scent in this stick is mild enough that I really don't mind it at all. It smells fully citrus, fresh and generally clean.
This one falls into a typical aqua scent category, it smells a bit like a manly deodorant, but it is not too strong that it is overwhelming when applied. By far, this is my favourite scent. 
There isn't much to say about this one, it is fragrance-free as the name states. It has no scent to it at all. Despite this, it still helps aids in keeping me staying fresh and smelling great.
Overall I am incredibly impressed with these sticks. Never did I think I would love a deodorant as much as I love antiperspirants, but here I am tossing my antiperspirant and using deodorant thanks to Live Clean. I also really like that there is a fragrance-free version for those who either do not want a scent or are allergic/sensitive to scent, that is a really big bonus.

Have you tried Natural Deodorants? What do you look for in them?

*products were sent for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.