Five Things I am Loving Right Now - Spring 2019 Edition

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This post features some PR Samples. PR samples are denoted by *
I managed to skip the Five Things I am Loving Right Now post for Winter this year because frankly, I did not love our winter. It is actually well into June and only 8 degrees outside right now as I type. I am cold and wet as though it is still March or April and I am not loving it either. Yet, I still persist and feel the need to tell you about some items I actually am using and loving right now.

YSL Touche Eclat:
I got a Touche Eclat in a Sephora Favourites set a long while back and held back ever opening it because I get weird when it comes to pricy/cult items. Weird in a way where I want to hoard them and not use them out of fear of using them up or even just falling in love. I am working on this of course, but yeah I had this guy unused for a long while. 

This past March I went to the L'oreal warehouse sale and got a mixed bag with a green colour correcting Touche Eclat and decided it was time to break my light one out and use them together 
Since I started actually using these two products I realized that I indeed have more red on my face this year due to the weather and my skin being unhappy with it and that there is a reason everyone loves Touche Eclat. They work really well with their little brush to cover just what you need and not use too much product or be too heavy. They do a great base of concealer and correction before I use my foundation. I really have been liking the results.

N० 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser:
This was in the sale bin of my Shoppers Drug Mart for $5. I picked up two and gave one away to a friend. I do love Boots' N० 7 line and wish we had more of their stuff here in Canada. 
N० 7's Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (that I had to get from a USA Target order) and absolutely despising it (seriously the only cleansing balm that I have this one) I really had low expectations but was willing to spend $5 to find out. It turns out I love the stuff.

Pump some out, put it on dry skin, massage it around. Then take the included cloth, get it hot and place it over your face for a few minutes and remove. Easy, yes. Amazing, also yes. 

Most of the time I just use it as cleansing oil or balm, apply dry, massage, add water, massage and remove with a cloth. I will say this never leaves my skin dry, tight or with any makeup left on, it is that good. I just hope it hasn't been pulled from Canadian SDM stores.

Revlon ColorStay Cream Eye Shadow in Chocolate 720:
Ever since I first discovered Mac Paint Pots, I have been in love with matte cream eyeshadows. Most cream eye shadows have shimmer or glitter in them which makes them a bit hard for me to wear to work, but sometimes I luck out and find good matte ones. 
Revlon's Colorstay line has Cream Eyeshadows that range from matte to shimmer to full-blown metallic. So I, of course, bought one of the mattes to try out. 

Chocolate is a chocolate matte brown (shocking I know). The thing that makes me love it so much is the formula, I don't miss high-end brands cream shadows because this drug store dupe is the real deal. I also have tried a few of the metallics that I got from Revlon's PR, and I will say I love them too, but I am truly drawn to this matte.

Kiehl's Glow Formula Skin Hydrator:

Another L'oreal warehouse sale purchase. I picked this one up in a set that was leftover from the 2018 holiday season, it was a great deal. 

I, of course, took a picture of the French side and didn't notice until later *sigh*.

Pretty much is is a great cream that is not too heavy and gives a bit of mineral glow. I have been using it as a foundation mix in or just on its own. Sometimes you will find me mixing CoverFx Custom Colour Drops into it for a custom Tinted Moisture. My skin has been liking it and I honestly really enjoy using it. 

Mary Kay Reviving Facial Spray*:
I go this from Mary Kay's PR team last year and never got around to writing about it. That being said I do use it, a lot. It is a fantastic setting spray with a darn good spray pump to it. In fact, Skindinavia makes it for Mary Kay so you know it has to be good.

I love using it post makeup application to set and refresh my makeup. I don't know why I really like it so much as it just makes my skin look really nice and because of that, I keep on reaching for it and using it.

That is it, five things I am currently loving. What are you loving right now?