Project Pan 2019 Update

By Monday, May 20, 2019 , , , , , , , ,

Way back in January I decided to embark in a Project Pan, now it is time to take a peek at my progress.

I honestly haven't been the best, I did well throughout January and February but then kind of just stopped. I am still trying, but I am not doing my best. Regardless, let us take a peek at my progress and see where I am going next.
Acure Moroccan Argan Oil:
I used this one up! 🎉 I am so happy to use this one up. Acure has new packaging and I really want to try out the Rose Argan version, but first I must use some other oils up so I will be holding off on that for a bit.

Smashbox Primer Oil:
I managed to do some serious damage to this primer this winter, but not as much as I would like. It is currently sitting at a bit more than half finished. I feel the major problem was that I stopped wearing foundation for a while because my skin was just too dry this winter. I am going to continue to try to use it up because I have NYX's primer oil too and really only want one bottle to hang around my collection.
The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony:I just couldn't use this up. I really just didn't like this eye cream, I thought I would, but nope. So I tossed it. That is the point of this right? Use it or toss it.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer:
I tossed this, there just wasn't a whole lot left and I just never used it. It was not enough for my winter skin and I clearly don't want to use it.
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (Industrial Strenght Full Coverage):
Even though it might not show, I did manage to use quite a bit more of this concealer up. I plan on using it a lot more the next few weeks to hopefully use it up once and for all

Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer:
I used this one up. 🎉 Truth be told I tried to scoop the rest of this product out of the tube like one would with lipstick, but it just was a mess due to the two layers. With that, I will say it is done and been trashed.

Jouviance Radiance Booster:I used it up. 🎉 I used it for a month and then it was gone. I must say these little toothpaste squeezers really help make sure you get what you need out and not let air into the tubes.

Vichy ProEven BB:I am still working on this one, but it should be done soon or I will toss it.

There you go, I finished 3 items and tossed 2, which means I have 3 I still need to work on. So I went from 8 to 3 items. Woot, I call that a success. I probably won't be doing another update on this, but I may do a next stage where I add a few more items and follow those items progress. Overall I am pretty happy with myself.