Repairing Damage with Joico Defy Damage

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Joico recently launched a new hair care line called Defy Damage. Its main goal is to help defend hair against damage while maintaining colour treated hairs vibrancy.  The line claims to help make hair 5x stronger and maintain 90% of its colour vibrancy. I clearly had to try it out, and after a month it is finally time to give it a review.

A rich, luxurious lather loaded with damage-preventing ingredients gently and swiftly sloughs away dirt, impurities, and buildup without roughing up the hair cuticle or stripping vibrant colour. The result: shiny, smooth, clean strands that are wonderfully resilient and healthy-looking. Free of SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/ sodium laureth) sulfates 
Washing away my colour is always a concern for me which is why I end up waiting so darn long in between washes and relying on dry shampoo. The end result is hair colour that lasts longer, but really dirty hair that never really gets clean. That being said with the Defy Damage Protective Shampoo I don't really have to worry about over washing my hair. I can wash it all I want and I don't wash out my dark colour, I also don't damage it. My hair isn't stripped of moisture or damaged from the whole process, in fact, it is stronger because of it. Best of all it doesn't create any buildup on my hair.

Replenishes moisture and builds resilience without weighing hair down, leaving strands soft, shiny, and healthy- looking after each use. Helps prevent daily damage & boost vital moisture
When it comes to conditioner, I like a lot of it, but I also don't want my hair weighted down. My hair is pretty dry and damaged from years of colouring and styling and needs a rich conditioner. This one is pretty darn rich without weighing down your hair. I found since I started using it that my hair has a lot more body to it while still getting enough moisture. It is definitely a good fit for anyone with damaged and/or colour treated hair.

For bond strengthening & color longevity. This powerful at-home treatment goes deep to infuse hair with a brilliant, bond- strengthening defense system. The result? Less breakage; more protection from heat styling; and hair has instant softness and shine… the kind you can see and feel on contact. Deeply replenishes hair without weighing it down.
When it comes to hair nothing helps repair like a good hair mask. This mask is a great consistency, it isn't too thick so it still works great in a tube, but it also is just thick enough to coat your hair and act the way a mask should. I love how well it rinses out and how it doesn't leave it feeling weighed down. Every time I wash my hair, I add just a little to my ends to give them some extra hydration.

To guard against thermal and UV damage. A true damage defense hero against the harsh effects of daily styling and exposure to UV and environmental pollution! This protective shield helps prevent damage and guards against color fade for beautiful, vibrant, healthy-looking hair. Used prior to styling, hair is fortified inside and out. Makes hair 4X more resistant to breakage during heat styling.  Protects against color fade. Leaves hair soft, shiny, and healthy-looking
This is my favourite of the products. It is a leave-in hair styling product that helps UV and heat protect your hair plus makes your hair stronger and softer. Every time I used it my hair felt so darn soft and manageable. Plus whenever I use it and dry my hair it dries incredibly straight with minimal effort and is full of body. 
Overall this has been a great line for my hair. It really has everything I need. A great shampoo that prevents buildup while not stripping my hair of moisture or colour all while being SLS/SLES Sulphates free. A conditioner and mask that helps hydrate and repair my hair while not being too heavy. Finally, leave in that helps protect my hair from both heat and UV and always leave my hair feeling absolutely amazing after I use it. It really is a great line.

This is just about everything I could ask for in a hair care line for my damaged and colour treated needs.

What do you look for in the perfect hair care line?

*Product was sent to me for review, all views and opinions are my own.