Mary Kay Spring 2019

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This post features PR samples.* 
Spring has sprung and that means a new seasonal collection from Mary Kay. This season has some interesting lip options from deep bold stains to nude lipsticks, highlighter drops to a new palette. Let's take a look.

Matte Nude Lipsticks ($20 / 3.3 g)
Mary Kay has three limited edition matte nude shades for their spring collection.

Baccio Nude is the lightest of the three shades, it is pale beige nude shade. I find this one too light for my skin tone (note I am pretty darn pale), it just doesn't flatter me. Bellissimo Nude definitely darker than Baccio Nude but still relatively light. It is a warmer nude that still is in the beige shade range.  It is a really nice nude for my skin tone and I like it.  Perfetto Nude is similar to Bellissimo Nude but has a peach tone to it. This is by far my favourite, it takes the idea of a nude, but makes it something more with the peach.
Overall these are some creamy mattes that shift around a bit when you wear them but are comfortable because of it. I do wish there were some deeper shades so that more people could wear them. Baccio Nude is the least forgiving of them, I find it shows lines and it patchy in coverage. The other two shades are much better wearing.
At Play Sticks ($17 ):
One of the more interesting items in this new collection is the At Play Sticks. There are colour correcting sticks, contour sticks and a highlight stick.
There are two Colour Correcting Sticks, Wipe Out Redness is green and Ditch Dullness is purple. 

There are two Contouring Sticks in Get Sculpted 1 and Get Sculpted 2. 1 is lighter and 2 is darker. Get Sculpted 1 is clearly the one I reach for being pale but is definitely suitable for those quite a few skin tones darker than me. Get Sculpted 2 is quite a bit darker so it is definitely a great option for anyone who has a deeper skin tone.

Finally, we have a Highlighting Stick in the shade Rose Gold Glow. This stick is shimmery with a very peachy rose gold tone to it. This is the only one of the sticks that are not matte. I really wish this was a lighter or less pink toned highlighter. It is more of a shimmering blush for me but would work well on other skin tones.

All of the sticks are incredibly creamy and can be blended out with very little effort. I really like to use a brush to buff them out. While I really love these sticks, I wish there was a peach one for counteracting undereye circles (although Mary Kay has a permanent concealer that is peach).
Illuminating Drops ($25.00 / 15 ml):
Nothing says warmer weather than a bronzy glow. These drops can be used to highlight or to add a sunglow kiss to the skin. They come in a pretty decent sized glass bottle with an eyedropper.

Bronze Light is the darkest of the three new drops. It is a golden-copper shade that is very similar to Benefit's Sun Beam, just a tad bit deeper. Golden Horizon is lighter than Bronze Light and leans more to a true yellow golden shade. Silver Sands is the lightest of the three, it is a rosy silver shade that I think should have a name that reflects that. This one is hands down my favourite of the three.

The formula is smooth and blends out extremely well. I do enjoy adding it to my foundation for an overall glow or to deepen up my foundation in a bronzy manner, but what I really like to do is dab it on my skin for a highlighted glow. My favourite is on the cupid's bow and the apple of my cheeks.
Lip Tint ($21 / 2.5 g):
There are three of these new lip tints, Desert Flora which is a deep purple-red, Magenta Mirage is a deep red and Canyon Coral a basic orange. All the shades go on the lips darker than you may think, your natural lip colour also makes it a bit deeper.

I was most excited to see these babies in the spring collection. They are markers for your lips. Years ago I used to use so many lip stains like this and just adored them. These are different though, they aren't really a stain, they are a tint. Meaning? They are water based and can fade a bit faster and transfer when they get wet. I learned though Rachelle over on Makeup Your Mind's post that it can transfer to your tongue too (eeek)!
Anyways, I actually really do still like these. I like to use them underneath other shades of similar lipstick to give them some extra lasting power or even on their own. The big downside is the tubes will dry up faster than you might like being the marker format that they are.
Perfect Palette ($25):
Finally, we get a new palette. A few months back Mary Kay launched their new ChromaFushion palette system, with eyeshadows, blushes, contours and highlights. There was also two palette options a  Pro (large) and Petite (small), which left the middle range kind of empty. This pretty rose decorated palette fills that gap perfectly. 

It has a mirror so it is great to bring with you when you're on the go, but it also holds 4 blush/highlight/contour sized pans or 12 eye shadow pans. I created this cute little palette to show how great it is.
I really like this size and pattern, I really hope they consider making it a permanent item.

So there you go, some new limited edition items from Mary Kay for Spring 2019. I really love the Perfect Palette, the At Play sticks and especially the Illuminating Drops. The Lip Tints are a bit of a miss, but I am still enjoying them, I just don't know if they are worth the hassle of them getting on your teeth and tongue and the lack of long wear. The nude lipsticks have a really nice feel on the lips but not too varied in shade range so probably won't work on a lot of people.

Are you excited for Spring? What beauty products are most exciting to you?

*products were sent for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.