Favourite Drug Store Highlighters

by - Saturday, August 26, 2017

Recently all I have been crazing is an amazing glowy highlight. While I do have quite the collection of high end highlighters, I also have a bunch of drug store ones that I absolutely adore.Today I am looking at some of the more affordably options in my collection.

I had heard so many amazing things about this hightlighter I just had to try it. Essence is a pretty darn decent value brand and heck Temptalia even gave it an A-, which is pretty impressive for any highlighter. It took me about 6 months until I found a store that actually had it in stock, but I am so glad I found it. I love it. Not too light or dark, it is almost my skin tone, but gives a gorgeous illuminating glow without the need for sparkles particles. Just pure glow here. 
Essence is online, at Shoppers Drug Marts and Lowblaw's stores.

This strobe kit is my everything right now. Every single time I wear it I get complements on my highlight. Very similar to the Essence in tone and glow, it also comes with some blush that is pretty nude and glowy and two contour shades. Together these shades make an all in one that is just fantastic. I love it so darn much. You can play up or down the glow depending on the look or mood you are going for, making it super versatile.
Gosh can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Hard Candy Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duo in Candle Lit
This is a duo that attempts to dupe the luminescent look of Hourglass Ambient light powders, but at a much better price point. I have an Ambient powder in Mood Light and honestly cannot get it to work on my skin at all. These come with two shades, one a bit more glowy and one more matte (? more like the Hourglass), but neither are over the top or over pigmented. They work together really well or on their own. Hard Candy makes two version of it, Candle Lit (lighter and less shimmery ) and Twinkle Star (a bit darker and way more shimmery). I really like Candle Lit and don't really like Twinkle Star, it is just too shimmery and gritty in its shimmer. Click here to see some swatches of it and a bit more details.

Hard Candy can be found at Walmart.

I have been through oh so many of these, not because I used them up (they are massive, that isn't an easy task), because the packaging keeps on breaking. Hard Candy's one downfall is the hinges always break on me. But they are cheap so when I see them in stock (after months of looking) I'll just re-buy it. Tiki is the lightest shade of this technically bronzer, but it matches my skin tone to a tee (mac Nw/Nc 15 by the way). To others with anything but pale skin it will make a great highlight. Since it matches my skin tone it adds the perfect glow.

I have this in 3rd wheel, and while I love it there is still that packaging issue that many Hard Candy items have (they break). It has a blush, highlight and bronzer all in one that work pretty well on my skin tone. The price point for the product makes it prety amazing, plus it covers blush and bronzer at the same time giving it extra value. They make other shades too, and while I like them , I can only justify having one in my collection right now or I risk going into complete hoarder territory. Want to see some swatches, click here.

There isn't a whole lot to be said about this one, it is a powder highlighter that looks fantastic. It is a but more pigmented then others in my collection and runs a tad bit on the orange side. It looks great in the summer or when you want a more bonzy highlighter.

Joe Fresh is found at both Shoppers Drug Marts and Loblaw's/Superstores.

Another fantastic highlighter from Joe Fresh. It is pretty hard to find an amazing drug store cream highlighter, making this one extra exciting. Pink Pearl has somehow become my go to cream highlighter. It has zero chunky bits of glitter to it, and has an amazing light pink colour to it. It blends amazingly well and gives you a gorgeous glow. You can also find it on a few other shades, but this one is my absolute favourite.

I love these. They used to only be available in the USA under the Fergi line. I picked one up about 4 years ago in Boston and fell in love. When they re-branded the line and launched it here in Canada I went and got all three shades. They are a beautiful baked highlight/blush that has natural swirls of colours in it. If you love Mac's mineralized skin finishes but want to save some money get theses. They are just as good if not better and wayyyyy cheaper. I personally really love all of them, but Boozy Brunch with its gold, bronze and pink makes such a beautiful colour when combined I cant help but feel love towards it. It also has the most gold tones in it, making it so much more of a highlightery shade. I also love the drinky names (I'll have a cosmo, too cute).
If you want to glow, and I mean glow, this is the highlighter for you. It is practically metallic. You think it is just an overspray, but it isn't, the whole pan is like that. *insert squeal here*). This is by far the most stunning highlight I have seen in a long time, there is a reason it is hard to find.

Do you have a favourite drug store highlighter? I clearly have a few.

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