Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry

By Monday, August 28, 2017 , , , , , ,

Confession time, I don't wash my hair very often. It is part laziness and part being an artificial redhead. Oh and in the summer I have a pool, so I kind of always think to myself, I'll wash my hair after I swim, and then don't swim for two or three days. It is a silly thing, but it is my thing. I recently visited my cousin who was shocked I don't wash my hair daily. I proclaimed my hair would be just too darn dry and damaged if I did, but also my colour would just bleed like mad and that dry shampoo was the key to me not looking a mess all the time. We then discussed the smell of hair and how having nice smelling hair is very important, that's when I told her about my latest dry shampoo obsession, Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry. Not only is it that same amazing formula I have been using for years, it also smells amazing. 
Right now I am going to demo the difference between two day old hair before Batiste and after.

I think it makes a big difference and I am loving the new cherry scent.

I love to use this at night, just before bed. What I do is apply some and let it sit while I sleep and I wake up with hair that never got oily while I slept.

Batiste is paraben and sulphate free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. It retails for $8.99 at most drug stores across Canada.
*Product was sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.