Lypsyl Yummy Sticks

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I reviewed a few yummy flavours of Lypsyl lip balms a little while back, but now there are some yummy new Yummy Sticks options just in time for the summer.

Lypsyl's Yummy Sticks are formulated with Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil to hydrate and repair your lips. They are also free of beeswax, parabens, preservatives and palm oil free (see why palm oils is bad here) all the while being vegan.

Passion Fruit and Chocolate:
Passion Fruit is a favourite fruit of mine, those little sees are just so tart and tasty. Chocolate of course is a staple in my life, I rarely can go a day without some of it. Together they make for a tasty lip balm that keeps with Lypsyl's amazingly smooth and silky formula.
Sweet Mint and Basil:
I love mint. It is definitely my favourite of all flavours out there (I have three types of mint growing in the garden right now). Basil runs a close second for favourite herb (I have two types growing in the garden right now). Together they create a fresh and light flavour that is not tingly like other mint balms, but just smooth and fresh on the lips.
Sea Salt and Caramel:
Who doesn't love how salt makes evens out caramel's sweetness and makes it just perfect? Crazy people that's who! Caramel Sea Salt is my favourite macaron ever, I just love biting into that delicious bits of salt in the middle of it. This balm brings me back to that every single time. The formula feels a bit thicker then the others, but not so much in formula but more in flavour.
Overall these new Lypsyl formulas are yummy as their names imply, silky smooth and hydrating deep down. They also are dirt cheap at $1.49 at select Walmarts.

Have you tried any Lypsyl Yummy Sticks? What flavour sounds tastiest to you?
*products were sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.