Lip Smacker Frappe Lip Balms

by - Sunday, June 25, 2017

Are you a caffeine addict like me? I love my morning coffee and love a morning latte so much more. In an ideal world, I would have a latte every single morning. But it is summer so that means it is frappe season.

Lip Smacker has made my life a little bit more latte friendly with their new Frappe Lip Balm collection. With 5 yummy flavours you can enjoy a frappe that suites your taste the best.
These come in the same formula as the Disney Tsum Tsum and Coca-Cola Soda Balms. They are bullets in little frappe cups with their base in a cute little swirl of faux whipped cream. The formulas are dense so they don't smush when touched like a stick, are a bit waxy but bust coat your lips fantastically and hydrate super well.

Cinnamon Churro Frappe:

Fun fact about me, I am a bad Canadian who doesn't like maple syrup (*gasp*), but I do love cinnamon sugar all over things instead. So yeah I love cinnamon! I also order Cinnamon lattes a lot. This balm has a great cinnamon taste with a little something else that I just can't place, so I am assuming it is a light coffee essence. When I lick my lips all I get is the cinnamon though.

Caramel Frappe:
Caramel is so tasty and I love it so much, but I do find caramel frappes, they are just too darn sweet for me.  Lucky for me this has all the flavour of caramel without the sweetness.

Vanilla Chai Frappe:
I love Chair lattes, tea makes me super happy. This frappe balm has quite a kick of cinnamon to it.  It personally smells just like McDonald's Vanilla Chair Tea Iced Frappe, which I adore in the hot months.

Mocha Chip Frappe:

Chocolate makes me happy, but once again Mocha in a frappe can be a bit too sweet for my taste. This combo is perfect for a lip balm though, it smells just like bitter sweet chocolate chips.
Pumpkin Spice Frappe:

I am not going to lie, when pumpkin spice season starts in the fall I go a little nuts. It probably is just the combo of cinnamon, hazel nut and vanilla in the mix that drives me crazy, but none the less I am a sucker for it (FYI way more into ginger bread lattes, but love anything pumpkin spice, muffins, bread, gum). This balm gives off a great pumpkin spice flavour that isn't too strong or over the top. 

Overall I am loving these balms, just like the other Lip Smacker options these one deliver in the hydration and lasting on my lips. I just adore the formula. I get to indulge all my coffee house loves every day without dishing out the calories of big bucks.

What is your favourite coffee house drink? 

*Products were sent for me to review, all views and opinions are my own.

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