Bodycology Creamy Vanilla

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I am a big fan of vanilla, I find there nothing plain or boring about it. Did you know vanilla is the second most expensive spice (saffron is number one)? Did you know vanilla comes from the fruit of vanilla orchids? Regardless I love it and its scent is a warm welcome in my routine. 

Bodycolgy's Creamy Vanilla line has a vanilla scent that is rich and warm. It is a great option for the summer months because I find it not too heavy but at the same time a bit more sophisticated and floral then regular vanilla.

Moisturizing Body Wash:

This was is so creamy and rich, it creates an incredible lather that I actually had to cut back on the amount I was using because it was just so much. I feel since it is a cream body wash it helps keep my skin extra hydrated and certainly doesn't strip its moisture at all. Bonus, made in Canada (the other products in the USA).

Moisturizing Body Cream:
I like creams more then I like lotions, my skin is just so darn dry it needs the extra hydration. Bodycology's Moisturizing Body Cream is rich and luxurious while not being greasy at all. It absorbs relatively quickly while making my skin feel enrobed in moisturizer that lasts. All this while being in a convenient tube. Most lotions or creams that come in tubes tend to be watery and take a long time to absorb on my skin, so this is a complete win win for me. It has Shea, Cocoa and Jojoba butters blended into it to help give it that richness.

Fragrance Mist:

This fragrance mist is my new favourite addition to my morning routine. As a fragrance mist it doesn't last as long as a perfume but alas it is fragrance mist and that is how they work. I find that if I apply it after the body wash and lotion it adds another layer to scent and extends its longevity. I personally love to refresh with it before I leave for work or after the gym, I also spray my clothes with it and in my hair if I feel it isn't as great as it was when first washed.

I am loving this collection for my day to day skin care needs. The body wash is rich and creates a crazy lather, the lotion is rich and nourishing and the fragrance mist makes me smell great. They also are really inexpensive (retailing at $6.97), making me question ever going to and paying crazy prices for other brands again.

Bodycology's Creamy Vanilla line is available at Walmart and retails for $6.97.

*Products sent to me for review, all views and opinions are my own.