Demeter's Foolproof Blending Tool Kit Review

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 When I think of Demeter I think of fun fragrances that smell exactly like what their unique names say they are (Rain, actually smells like rain). What is better then all the fun and unique scents that they already offer? How about custom blending kits? If you're like me this may have just peeked your interest.

I am often that person who puts on a body spray and then a completely different perfume to create my own blend, so Demeter's Foolproof Blending Tool Kit really spoke to me.
The kit consists of an Empty bottle with a blank label on it, a lid and pump, 6 eyedroppers, a funnel, and a lot of fragrance testing strips. The idea is that you pick three scents you like and blend them together to make your own signature scent. You can try layering on yourself or on the strips until you get it just right. Then just use the eyedroppers to move the scents into your own bottle. You can make as little or as much as you like and continue to refill the bottle to your hearts content.

I got to choose my scents from their Classic Catalog (Baby Powder, Pure Soap, Sunshine, Gin & Tonic, Laundromat, Clean Skin, Wet Garden, Salt Air, Lavender and Jasmine) and ultimately chosen Sunshine, Salt Air and Clean Skin. I was aiming for a really fresh and clean scent and with these three by my side I knew I could get it just right.

So how did I go about getting my custom scent down just right? First sprayed each one around pointlessly to get the idea of the scents. Then my co-workers started to do the same. Then I had no clue what anything smelt like anymore and put a stop to all the madness, boxed it up and took it home.

Once at home I could control things and smell again I decided that Clean Skin was the most bold smelling of all of them and the most 'perfumy' while still being clean clean clean. I also decided that Sunshine and Salt Air were about the same in strength and I liked them both equally. This is where I started to just spray strips. I decided at this point that a 2:2:1 ratio of sunshine:salt air:clean skin is what I wanted for my own blend.

Using the eyedroppers I added 12 of each the Sunshine and Salt Air scents and 6 of the Clean Skin, closed the lid, shook it up and sprayed it right on my skin and fell in love.

Now the only thing left to do was to name my custom scent, I chose Sun by the Sea. I love that I got the change to write my own custom label, it's fun to come up with something as unique as you scent, but I'm just not that creative.
Overall I had a fun time creating my own scent. It was exactly what I had wanted, fresh and clean without being one bit heavy. I chose not to make too much of my scent so that I could adjust it in the fall or winter if I wanted to and also so that I can enjoy the individual scents on their own whenever I want too. 
One of the joys of Demeter's fragrance library is the vastness of it. I highly recommend you look at their site and take a peek at some of their unique and spot on fragrances. They do sell trios and duos for customizing , but you can always just mix whatever you want together to make your perfect scent. I really enjoyed this process and would love to make some more in the near future (Mahogany, Mountain Air and Thunderstorm sound like a great mix to me).
Thanks to Demeter and the Canadian Beauty Blogger network for arranging for me to try this kit out. Read more reviews from Canadian Beauty Blogger right here.

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