Givenchy Very Irrésisitble 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition

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Seems like yesterday that I got a little bottle of Givenchy Very Irrésisitble as a gift, at the time I was flooded with gorgeous images of Liv Tyler in ads for it. I saw it grow from a Eau de Toilette to Eau de Parfum to finally the latest incarnation in 2011, Intense. Well now the original turns 10 years old and the iconic fragrance is celebrating with a new spokesperson, Amanda Seyfried.

As if that wasn't excitement enough, there is a new collectors edition of the fragrance celebrating this milestone. The gorgeous bottle is adorned with 10 roses that represent the 10 roses used in its creation. These 10 roses are the most sought after and praised in perfumery, making this one fantastic collectors edition fragrance.
A limited edition like you have never seen before! With a range of notes from the most delicate to voluptuous, this Eau de Parfum is built around the 10 most prestigious roses in perfumery. Discover the carnal seduction of Very Irrésistible Givenchy Collector Edition at The Hudson's Bay Company near you!
About the 10 roses used.
Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Very Irresisitble Givenchy with 10 roses. The legendary Very Irrésisitble Givenchy fragrance is unveiled with the 10 most emblematic roses for a uniquely opulent floral bouquet. A true hymn to femininity. Discover the delicate and carnal seduction of Very Irrésisitble Givenchy Collector Edition.Exclusively at the Hudson's Bay Available in 75 mL format only. $150
Very Irrésisitble Collectors Edition by Givenchy is available now, for a limited time Exclusively at the Hudson's Bay. Available in 75 mL format only for $150 . Right now, while supplies last they are giving away free samples at the fragrance counters.

* a product was sent for me to review. Since fragrances are not something I can describe or swatch well on the internet I thought I would do more of a press release style post on it. All opinions and views are my own.