Caprina by Canus: Goat's Milk Skin Care Products Reivew

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I'm always on the lookout for a good Canadian made brand and Caprina fits that bill just perfectly. Baised in Quebec, all their products are goats milk based and simply fantastic.
I was lucky enough to be send a few products from the brand, but had already been using it for years, their Goat's Milk Bubble Bath is an absolute staple in my house (I was once told by a naturopath to have a milk bath once a day, I soon learned that a pint of milk a day gets expensive and switched to Caprina and never looked back). Also the Fresh Goat's Milk Soap is by far my favourite brush cleaner of all time, yes my makeup brushes (they will be more on this below).
Fresh Goat's Milk Body Wash with Orchid Oil
This is a creamy body wash, it smells good (light and floral but not anything that I quite find too strong or to recognizable), lathers well and leaves my skin feeling pretty darn hydrated for a body wash.

I find I don't need too much to create a rich lather on my shower poof and that it does a really good job of cleansing the skin without stripping it of moisture. I am definitely a fan of any creamy body wash, but often find they lack in the cleansing department. The strange thing is this does a good job of cleaning and not drying out my skin. I feel it could be because it isn't a full out cream constancy like others, more of a hybrid. Anyways I am loving it. I even ran out and bought the Shea Butter formula, and like it just as much.

Fresh Coat's Milk Soap in Original Formula
This was the brands first product and apparently also their best selling, and I can see why. I love this soap, and I do not like bars of soap. It is true, both Mr. Fox and I hate to use bars of soap, but neither of us dislike this one, not one bit. I do find this odd, I can only equate it to the fact it is so moisturizing. 
My favourite thing to use this bar for though is to clean my makeup brushes. I learned long ago that I perfer a solid to clean my brushes with, and while there are expensive versions out there meant just for your makeup brushes (some even with goat's milk in them) I love this simple and cheap (I usually can find it for under $2) bar to do the task for me. It does the job of cleaning ridiculously well while not stripping your brushes or frying them. It kind of cleans and conditions in one go. Plus it is cheaper and easier to find then the versions meant just for your brushes. I truly love the results and have been recommending it to my makeup artist, blogger and addict friends for just works so well.

Body Lotion with Shea Butter
I feel this lotion was meant for me. I don't know how else to say it. I love to use it on my dry and chapped arms and I always love how it smells and feels when I do. Lightly scented, super hydrating, fast absorbing and not sticky at all. Sometimes lotions are just too runny and watery for me and I end up using heavy body butters, but come the summer I just can't take the heaviness anymore, which is why I love that this formal is a bit thicker then most lotions but still ultra absorbable. Mr. Fox even has been commenting on how soft my skin is lately, which is a major bonus.
Caprina can be found at most drug stores, grocery stores (I buy mine at my Metro), mass retailers and sometimes if you're lucky a dollarama.
All of these products come in three scents/formulas listed as well as Olive Oil and the bar also comes in unscented, which is really great. I love the Shea Butter the best, and it is really all about the scent (but I do like them all).

Have you ever tried Caprina products before? Do like to use products with goat's milk in it?

*products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions and views are my own.