Quo Cosmetics Eyebrow Products for 2016

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Quo recently celebrated its 16th birthday. With this milestone came a whole new line of products. Today I am going to look at the brow products that they just launched.

Brow Wow Powder:

This is a powder brow product but it comes in a tube with a little doe foot type applicator tip. I've seen a brand or two offer products like this but never thought of it for me. Boy have I changed my mind. I love applying eyeshadow as my brow powder, but it is inconvenient at best. I need a brush and  a shadow and to be honest for travel that end up taking some space. This though is a mini tube that com acts the process into one item. I thought the powder would have a lot of fall out since it loose, but it doesn't. It seems to magically stick to my hairs. Now that I have greys hanging out in my brows it makes it even better. I got mine in the shade Taupe, not a shade I thought would suite me but it does. It is a much more light brown then taupe shade.
Eye Brow Powder Kit:

This my favourite item in the kit. I was actually quite shocked at how much I love it. You get two jars with sifters in them, one with a darker shade and one with a lighter. You also get an angled brush and spooly and a clear brow gel. Together you mix and match powders until you get your perfect brow powder. Its loose so you think it might be mess, but the lids do a good job for mixing. I usually sift a little of each into their lids and dab the angled brush back and forth until I feel I have a nice shade. I then swipe it through my brows. Followed by a brushing of the spooly side of the brush. I sometimes use the brow gel and sometimes I don't. Anyways I am loving it, I can go as bold or as tame as I want and I always get the shade I am looking for on that day.

Precision Brow Pencil:

This is one of those micro tine automatic eyebrow pencils with a nice tiny brush on the other side. There isn't to much to say about this one but I love it (shocking I know, I just love brow products). It is a firm pencil so it is great for when you are trying to fill things in or create some fine lines.  I got it in the shade Brunette. I find it a smiler shade to the Brow Wow in Taupe.

Double Agent:
Double Agent is a fat oversized pencil with two ends to it. It is designed to accentuate you brows and brighten your eyes. The Brow Lifter side goes under your brows (usually under the outer side after your arch) and can be blended in as a nice highlight that opens your eye up. It is a light pinky shade that really can make your brows look just great. The Eye Brightener side is meant to brighten your inner eye area. It is an off white she Both sides are really soft and easy to blend. 
I currently love all these brow products, but then again I do have an issue where I must have all the brow products in the world....I don't quite know why, but they might be my favourite item to have.

I highly recommend you pick up at least one of these items, I can't suggest just one since I love them all, but also because everyone is so different in what they like. If you like a pencil the Precision pencil is fantastic, if you like powder, both the kit and the Brow Wow Powder are great buys. I think everyone can benefit from the Double Agent even on easy going days just to make the eyes pop just that little bit more.
Do you have a go to brow product that you just love?

*These products were given to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.