Mary Kay Summer 2016 Collection

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Mary Kay has just launched some new items for summer, some permanent and some limited edition. Today I am going to take a look at some of those new products.

Lash Intensity Mascara $22
This new mascara boasts the ability to make your lashes look super full and that will last all day without smudging. It has  a large asymmetrical wand that is really sort of square in design; one side has longer bristles while the other has short bristles. It is interesting to say the least. 

I must say that I was absolutely shocked at how big my lashes looked after just one coat. I mean shocked is more the word, I felt like after two coats like I was wearing false lashes on (no lie). The unique wand was not hard to use, intact I found it fun to play around with to see how I liked to use it best. I also like that the wand handle is square shaped aiding in me getting a great grip on it and getting precision application on my lashes. I never found that my lashes clumped at all. So yeah, I was impressed with it.
Perfecting Concealer $17.50
This concealer super creamy concealer comes in 6 shades, which I actually think is a pretty impressive range when you see how light to dark they run. Creamy and creaseproof it has come pretty great coverage. It has light-diffusing technology that helps with the look of fine lines and minor imperfections while remaining easy to blend.
I really love how there is a great range of shades in this line of concealers. I found that the three lightest shades all worked really well for me depending on what I needed them for. I find they all blend extremely well and have a great level of pigmentation to them to cover everything from hyper-pigmentation, a bursted capillary on my cheek, a minor hormonal breakout  to a recent cut on my face. Overall it is a really great concealer that I will be reaching for more often. In fact I wore just concealer the other day without any foundation and was very happy with the results. 
Undereye Corrector $17.50
This is a peachy toned concealer with the exact same formula as the Perfecting Concealers. I found it did a really great job of being just peachy enough to deal with my problematic under eye area.
Rose Gold Compact Mini $22
Mineral eye Colour Bundle $54 without Compact / $76 with Compact
Mary Kay has an excellent build your own palette system in place already, but why get the regular black palette case when you can get this limited edition rose gold one? It is so darn pretty. Better yet, you could get it filled with six fantastic neutral shades (Sweet Cream, Spun Silk, Moonstone, Rosegold, Driftwood and Espresso). 3 are matte and 3 are sparkles.
 I think it is a great pre-made set that takes the guess work out of picking your own palette. Plus they are really nice shades. I do think $9 a shade it is a tad bit pricy. There seems to be no discount for this bundle,  you are paying $22 for the case and $9 a pop for the shadows wether you buy them alone or all together. That being said I really like this set and quality of the shadows, if you're a fan of Mary Kay's shadows or if you want a more compact palette this may be a good choice for you. I personally really love the case and would take it any day over the plain one (it is only $2 more so why not get it?).
MK High Intensity Ocean Cologne spray $49
MK High Intensity Ocean Hair and Body Wash $22
Set $69
This is a limited edition cologne and hair and body wash that you can get on its own or as a set. It has an aquatic scent to it (my favourite choice for Mr. Fox) that is described as citrus-marine. I personally cannot stop randomly smelling the cologne's bottle, I just pick it up off my desk and smell its spritzer. Sadly Mr. Fox doesn't wear cologne too often (which sucks because I love a scent like this one) but he does exclusively use body washes. He has already become quite taken with the wash and he has reported that it is not drying at all. I just like the scent. I feel since Old Spice got rid of their Aqua Reef scent he has been on the look out for an aquatic scented body wash for a long time and this just happened to fit the bill nicely.
TimeWise Tone-correcting Serum $48
This serum is meant to transform dull skin and brighten it up. Reducing the appearance of skin discolouration, hyer-pigmentation, dark spots, past damage and freckles with day-to-day use.  I like that this serum isn't all about light reflectors and shimmers to create the appearance of a less flawless skin, it is a clear formula that has ingredients that work. While I haven't given it enough time to see how well it works long term, I like the feel it gives to my skin and hydration.
Beauty That Counts Hearts Together Lipstick $18
This limited edition lipstick features adorable hearts on its case and embossed on to the lipstick itself (so cute). It happens to be a gorgeous dusty rose cream shade that I think suites many different skin tones. If that wasn't enough to get you to buy it, for everyone purchased $1 will be donated to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. From there the money will go to help Look Good Feel Better (helping women with cancer), and to help end violence against women (through grants to women's shelters and community outreach programs). Pretty great right?
True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick
This limited edition sheer lipstick is a red with gold sparkles in it. It feels so smooth and silky on the lips (because it is moisturizing) while just giving a nice glossy tint of red to your lips. It has a fancy tube that has to be popped out from the lip, which is just straight up neat to use. I am going to wear this one a lot in the summer, as much as I love a bold lip I can't be bothered in warmer weather, so this one makes it easy and much lighter to wear red.
So that's the new summer launch from Mary Kay, the stand outs for me are the Lash Intensity Mascara, Perfecting Concealers and Undereye Corrector. If you have a man in your life the MK High Intensity Ocean Cologne is great too.
*Products were sent to me for consideration, all views and opinions are my own.