TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume a Reverse Shampoo Line

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TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume is rewriting the rules of voluminous hair by reversing the traditional haircare routine. Condition FIRST to soften hair, then shampoo to wash away weight. Your hair is left hair smooth and polished, but still full of bounce. Who says you can't have it all? -Tresemmé.ca

Reverse shampooing is an actual thing, I never heard of it until recently, but it really is a thing. You basically put conditioner in your hair first then use your shampoo. The results are supposed to be crazy light weight hair with lots of volume. Crazy, right? I feel as shocked as when I first learned of Co-Washing or No-Poo as a hair washing option.

Apparently this isn't as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of fiddling around to get it right (reminds me of my Co-Washing days). Which is why Tresemmé has launched its own line that perfects the reverse shampoo process.
Beauty-Ful Volume is Tresemmé's latest collection of hair care products that delivers light and full hair with lots of volume via the Reverse shampoo method.
So as you can see the Step 1 (or conditioner) is in a smaller bottle then the Step 2 (a creamy shampoo), meaning you are supposed to use less of it, which to be honest is a hard concept for me to adhere to.
Pretty much you wet your hair, apply 2 to 3 pumps of Step 1 (conditioner) then rinse out. You then follow this up with Step 2 (shampoo) and lather it all up and rinse it out. Not too hard now is it? Once your hair is towelled dry you can apply Step 3 which is a balm called Volume Hair Maximizer. 

So the results? My hair was clean and soft, but that's about it. I didn't gain any extra volume and I think since my hair isn't fine it really isn't the right product for me.

The first time I used it I think I used too much Step 1 (about 5 pumps on my short hair) and I think it may have weighted my hair down. I also think I used too much of Step 3 so the results just weren't that great. My hair felt soft and healthy but not full or voluminous. 

The second and third time I skipped Step 3 and stuck with 3 pumps of Step 1. I found my hair much better, oh so much better. But not anything I would write home about. 

The next three times I stuck with 3 pumps of Step one and just a loonie sized squeeze of Step 3 and found my hair really responded well to it. But still not crazy volume, just ok volume. I also noticed my hair was getting softer and generally felt healthier, way healthier. So I may not be getting the main feature, volume, but I am getting soft and well conditioned hair.

I'm not sure if like with co-washing my hair and scalp would just need a bit of time to adjust their oil production and to how the product just generally works, but I think it might have more to with the fact I don't have fine hair.

So at this point I think the line just isn't for me. So I lent it to my friend who suffered from fine hair and feels she never gets the volume she needs. The results, she loves it. Just loves it. She finds it leaves her hair full of volume and she can go 3 days with out washing her hair no problem.
So overall this products gave me soft and well conditioned hair even though the conditioner went on first. It also gave me hair that I generally really liked. It did not give me a lot of volume or body to my hair, but it did for my friend who has fine hair and cannot obtain volume easily. I also love the shampoo is creamy and the conditioner has a pump (I do think the shampoo needs one because I keep on squeezing far too much out). All in all I would buy it again simply because the concept is neat and it made my hair really soft.

Have you tried Reverse Shampooing or the Beauty-Full Volume System from Tresemmé?

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