Firmoo Glasses Review (With free Glasses Code)

By Monday, March 14, 2016 , , , , ,

I was recently contacted by to try out a pair of their glasses in exchange for a review; as a new glasses wearer I jumped at the chance to try them out.

My prescription is extremely low, in fact the lowest you can get, but I still like to see clearly so glasses are a must. Since I require a prescription for distance all my other prescription glasses are sunglasses. I though it would be nice to get a set that I could wear to the movies or anywhere else indoors that one needs to see at a distance.
I wanted a pair that wasn't to big, but was also colourful. I chose the BNK5044 frames in blue, which to be honest were just perfect for my needs. They are a bold blue shade and narrow in depth, making them suite my face well.
I found ordering a bit odd. The first 3 fames I chose didn't suite my Pupillary Diastase (the distance between my pupils) so I would have to pay an extra $10 to get my prescription into the frames. I eventually found a pair I really liked that were the right size and would not require the extra fee. From there on out everything went smoothly.  I guess 55 mm is a small distance between pupils, who knew?
Creating an account and entering in my prescription information was really quite easy and painless. I decided to pay for UV coating since I thought it was a must have for any pair of glasses. I would recommend that anyone ordering from Canada make sure they switch to Canadian funds on the site and not use Paypal or your Credit Cards conversion rate, it was far cheaper.
firmoo glasses in blue
The glasses arrived in about a week in a bubble envelope. All their glasses come with pouch, cleaning   cloth, keychain screwdriver (which is an amazing tool to have) and a hard case. My hard case has a map pattern on it.

Overall I am a big fan of these glasses, they look great on me (or at least I think so) and they fit me very well. I also just love the fun design of it and that I feel they suite me quite well. I found the arms a bit stiff when I first got them, but they have gotten much better after just 2 wears. The online and shipping process was easy and everything went smoothly once I found a frame that suited my PD. I also was happy to hear all their sunglasses are UV coated and upgrading non-sungalasses with an UV coating was really cheap.

If you're interested in trying a free pair of glasses or sunglasses from Firmoo (just pay the shipping), I have special code for the first 10 people who use it. Use the code beautyvixen2 at this link.
Have you tried glasses from an online retailer before? How was your experience?

* I was contacted by to do a review and was given a code for a free pair of glasses and shipping. I paid for the UV coating upgrade myself. All views and opinions are my own and honest.