Red Carpet Ready With L'oreal Paris

by - Friday, February 26, 2016

Nothing says late glamour like Red Carpet Season, and while it might be wrapping up this week with the Oscars, there is plenty of glam to be had with L'oreal Paris' new items for Spring. Today I'm going to look at some of their new items and create my own Red Carpet look using just 5 items (yep, 5 items, I'm crazy like that).
 First up is L'oreal's Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation. This is their first cushion foundation and mine too. The idea is simple you open it up, take the sponge and dab it into the sponge that is saturated in the foundation. You then take that sponge (or cushion) and dab it onto your face in layers until you are happy with the coverage.
Ok, so I do not know what to say about this one other than I am in love. LOVE  I say, it goes on so smooth and even without much effort at all. It blends out so well and even. It is only a medium coverage, so you may still need a concealer, but man is it great foundation for a natural look. My skin looks so real in it, which is a strange thing to say, it certinly dosn't look fake or cakey at all. Just perfect. This might be my new everyday work foundation.
Next up is the Voluminous SuperStar Red Carpet Black Mascara. This is a two step mascara meant to lengthen your lashes. With a first white step that volumizes and a second fiber black step that extends the lashes it deliverers some longer lashes then I am used to getting from just a mascara. I don't find that the white is visible at all once the black is applied. Also, many times I find the white layer to be too dry in these types of products, but not with this one, it goes on just like a normal mascara would. 
Brows might not be everyone's thing, but to me a good brow product can make my day. Since I colour my hair I rely on brow products to make me look normal and not crazy with mismatched brows to my hair. Since my hair is currently purple I need to darken my bows quite a bit (oh yeah and there are grays in there too now). L'oreal's Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette I am able to make my bows Red Carpet ready with little effort at all. It has an automatic thin pencil which also retracts (a rare thing) and a nice spooly on the end (why cant all spoolies be like this one?). Any way I work it, a few strokes of this and my brows are darker and nicely filled in.  The only down side I would say is I think I will be going though it pretty fast since whatever I extend out seems to get used up quickly.

When I first saw L'oreal's Black Velvet Liner I thought it was a powder, but really it is a pen liquid liner with a fuzzy tip. The tip is flat shaped making it incredibly unique. It also means it takes a while to get used to it. If you want a nice thin line on your eyelids that is thin, that is actually really easy to do since it is such a wet formulation. Creating a cat eye is another thing, that took a bit of practice of me.  I am pretty bad at getting my own wings to match up (other peoples I am a pro at it), so I always have a makeup removing q-tip handy, and this was n o exception. I think if you want to create the perfect wing every time this might not be fore you, but if you want to create thickening and bolder liner looks It really might be for you. Anyways, bellow is a pick of what I did with it and I am quite happy to say I will continue to be using the liner for some time to come because it has an incredibly soundproof formula, and when it comes down to it, that is what matters the most to me, everything else just takes practice.

Here you can see how everything kind of comes together. My brows look great, well shaped and the right shade. My liner is tight to my lashes and have a crisp look to them. my lashes are long anand defined. No white primer showing at all. Finally you can see my skin looks really good. I wore this look all day and night and it didn't smudge one bit.
So all I added to this look was a L'oreal Pro-Matte Gloss. I could have chosen a red lip to be really Red Carpet Glam, but instead I chose a Fuchsia, Amnesia to be exact . You can check out my full review on the glosses here.
So there you go, four new items I am loving from L'oreal that I think are Red Carpet worthy. 

Is there anything you just love in a Red Carpet Look?

*Press Samples featured, all opinions are my own.

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